Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Handsome Fur Brothers and Their New Bow Ties

I left my craft room in a relatively tidy state upon leaving last week and it was no worse for wear when we arrived home late Friday night. Because my mom loves to clean (Thank you, Mom!) I only really had to conquer Mt. Laundry yesterday. It was so nice! I gave in to the urge to create something. I had the fabric for awhile and knew when I bought it what I was going to make with it. After looking at a few tutorials on line, I found this one at, a lemon squeezy home and adapted it for the fur brothers.

Instead of felt, I used quilt batting for the lining. It worked beautifully. These went together in no time. If you look closely you can tell I still have a little thread trimming to do. (I have to find my little scissors first. Remember I said the craft room was relatively tidy?)

I wanted the dogs in the leaves before the trees are completely naked and the leaves are all blown away, so we trotted out at lunchtime today to get some pics. Food is always an easy bribe for these two.

And getting them to sit nice individually is easy.

Getting them to sit nicely and close together is an entirely different story altogether!

I think they're quite diggin' their bowties though! I'm looking forward to making them some Christmas ones next!

What are you making these days?



  1. Too cute! I am not much of a house animal person (farm animals is a totally different story), but this gave me such a smile!

  2. Oh my goodness, so, so cute. I just love it. I am going to spiff up our two for Thanksgiving; something like this would be wonderful.

  3. How cute! They look proud! If I could, I'd give them each a bone!

  4. Oh, so cute! Love these pictures! Can't believe you got them to sit like that!

  5. They look so handsome in their bow ties, and look quiet proud to be wearing them too. You could start a whole new business making these and selling them on if you have time! LOL


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