Monday, July 22, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today:

 Outside my window: Overcast skies. Carl the kamikaze cardinal bonking on the window. His Mate Carly answering from a safer and wiser spot in the tree.

 I am thinking: many things really. About our young peoples, how to wisely train and discipline the three youngest, why I am so tired all the time...

I am thankful: for normal summer temperatures, that despite the heat of last week most of the vegetable garden is thriving, for the gentle breeze blowing through the house -- it means we can turn the air conditioning off again and save on hydro!

In the kitchen: nothing yet, but butter chicken is on the menu, and hopefully gooseberry pie or zucchini crisp for dessert.

I am wearing: super comfy baggy sweatpants, t-shirt, and flip flops.

I am creating: dishcloths. Exciting, I know, but I just can't seem to move past the simple knitting.

I am going: back and forth to the pool all week. Swim team and dropping a boy off and/or picking him up from work. To bring the Boy to the eye doctor for prescription sunglasses. Possibly go to see my family doctor re. the migraines.

I am wondering: hoo boy! When am I not wondering? Oh so many things! Biggest thing lately, how to make this summer memorable in a positive way. How to make exercising for me enjoyable and something I want to do.

I am reading: to the four youngest: Little House on the Prairie, to the ten year old: What's the Big Deal? Why God Cares About Sex, to the thirteen year old: Facing the Facts The Truth About Sex and You, to myself: Wuthering Heights, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Dragon Rider.

I am hoping: for some rain so that I don't have to water, and that it stays a quiet week.

I am looking forward to: Hmmmm, there is really nothing exciting even on the horizon, but that's okay. I like quiet.

I am learning: that teenagers are so fun! I love raising teenagers. They are challenging and interesting.

Around the house: dog hair, books being read by family members on every level surface, unmade beds, some dirty dishes, the older childrens' laundry still not put away. Yes, it's a mess.

I am pondering: whether to start attacking the paper piles hidden in the basement after I get some of the daily mess cleaned up.

A favorite quote for today: "You can't save people. You can just love them."

One of my favorite things: Fresh in season fruit.

A few plans for the rest of the week: freeze zucchini and Swiss chard, vacuum around the house, clean some bathrooms, weed the last few rows in the vegetable garden, nap (yes, I'm admitting it), go to the library, read, finish photos for print for a client...

A peek into my day:

How is your week shaping up? Are you looking forward to lots on the agenda, or are you hoping for a quiet week like I am?



  1. Nice!! I really like your layout, maybe I'll have to "steal" it! Hope you have a peaceful, quiet rest of your week!

  2. Oh, I love a nap. I had one at 5pm today. I hope I am not sorry, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open.

  3. I'm hoping my week will be a quiet one. It will involve more time at the pool than I care for, but at least when I'm at the pool I can get some reading in. Hope your week is peaceful and filled with blessings!


  4. Fun! You haven't done one of these for awhile, and I enjoy the peek into your day, mind, and home :D

    Hurray for a quiet week - just being together as a family, playing in the backyard and pool, and all that "daily day" stuff will be happy memories when your kids are grown.


  5. Being tired all of the time? I think that's pretty normal for your "age and stage". After living in the village for a couple of years, we went to Australia for some medical appointments. When I asked the sweet young doctor why she thought I was so tired (when my blood work had come back normal), she timidly asked me, "Do you might...could possibly...have...WORMS?!?" Now we deworm regularly, but I'm still tired :-)


    1. Thanks, Joanna! You could be very right! Eeks on the deworming! I might have to ask about that. After all, I am forever in the gardens and rarely wear gloves, even though I am supposed to. :oO

  6. I love reading this... Did you write the format questions for this, or find it somewhere, it really is a great way to express your life; it makes me feel as if I am right there with you. I would love to see your recipe for Zucchini Crisp, I am always wanting new recipes for zucchini.

    Raising a family just makes your tired... whether they are all home are almost all gone. I have always taken naps when I could. Thank you Jesus for naps.

  7. Love the pic with all the zucchinis! My counter looks about the same here, although I don't have any of the dark green one, but I have yellow, light green and patty pans and ball zucchinis. :)

    I was doing these kind of posts and I should get back to doing them, then I would at least have a post once a week instead every couple months or so. :)


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