Thursday, July 25, 2013

A New Family Member

You might recall we had a houseguest of the four footed kind late last winter. It was at that time I declared that our house was full enough. Then we saw this little fella. We decided we still had room for one more.

Meet Leo. He's a rescue dog. He's also Beans dream dog. She has always wanted a pug. Although Leo is a pug mix, she was determined he would be hers. We met him last night. She brought her money with. He came home with us last night. Slept in his crate without a peep and has been a mostly well mannered little guy since. He's only 11 months, so he has a few things to learn yet, but we've discovered he's a quick learner.

How does Maverick feel? He likes Leo. Leo is more energetic than he is, but that's okay because they balance each other out quite nicely. So far he's a perfect fit for our big and busy family.


  1. Awwww so cute. I like Pugs too.

  2. YOU are the best sport ever, Deborah! He is so cute! I have a grandpug, you know. Pugsley. I have been dreaming of a black kitten, but I have to negotiate how to make this happen.

  3. What a sweet doggie and look at the joy on Beans face!

  4. He is so cute! :) Seems like he fits right in!


  5. My first thoughts upon reading this was, Deborah's house always has room for one more!
    Leo looks like he is as pleased as Beans.


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