Thursday, May 30, 2013

Quick Capris

My teenager daughters have very definitive ideas about fashion.

1} Their mom is a fashion geek. I've always admitted that fashion is not my thing, but they are now confirming my words.

2} Despite their mother being a complete fashion geek, they too will draw the line at wearing certain clothing.

Because of number one, I am very thankful for number two!

Beans for example, is not a huge fan of shorts -- especially the short shorts that are suddenly so popular among the female crowd. A little crazy isn't it? To think that the boys are wearing them to their knee or longer and girls are wearing them to mid-thigh and shorter?

We were gifted with a huge bag of hand-me-downs from a family friend and in there was a pair of jeans that were too short for either of the two oldest girls and way too big for any of the rest of the girls. There was also a sizeable, but not overly noticeable stain on one of the lower legs. I gave beans the option of shorts or capris and she chose capris.  

Chopped off and a little lace stitched on the bottom. They turned out cute! She wore them to school today as once again it is HOT here. Yesterday I sat in front of the fireplace to warm up and today I'm hiding in the basement editing a photo session to keep cool. Ahhh the joys of spring!



  1. Those are adorable! :) I've seen that idea on Pinterest, but on the very short shorts you mentioned. Which I have no desire in showing my backside to world thank you very much.

    Love the modesty I see in you & your girls! :)


  2. She looks adorable AND modest - double win!


  3. The short shorts aren't a 'sudden' thing! I've been wearing them since I was in grade 9, 12 years ago! I tend to prefer skirts now though - shorts just aren't comfortable, no matter the length!

    The lace is cute! Hopefully she gets a decent amount of wear out of them this summer!

  4. They are very cute... I love the idea. Its great when you can make "something" into "something else". I agree with Beans about the shorts.. the style is too short for me too; I've always preferred the longer ones. I've noticed when Eddie plays basketball that the shorts are so, so long on them all. At first I thought they were really needing new shorts and jerseys, now I realize that is the is the "in" thing these days.

  5. We do the same thing with my the tall girls here (including me). Last summer a friend gave me some of her jeans that weren't fitting any longer. They were lovely and looked brand new. I showed up at her house wearing them and she asked, "are those the jeans I gave you?" She was shocked. They made the cutest longer capris on me without any cutting or cuffing. I'm 5'9" and she's 5'3"! :)

    Love the lace addition. We haven't tried that.

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. The capris look great! I'm amazed by the short shorts I see the girls wearing at the middle school. I don't think of myself as a prude, but man!


  7. Those are the cutest capris! I have definite opinions on the shorts that young ladies wear today...we just have to set a standard in our home. I can only pray the heart will join suit. Good for Beans!


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