Thursday, April 18, 2013

Maverick and Otis

Before you think we've become dual dog owners, let me just say that Otis belongs to our neighbours -- or did anyways. We haven't seen him now for weeks, so something must have happened to him. He's adorable and oh-so-sweet. He loves Maverick and the kids, so one really nasty weekend weather-wise, when he stopped by to say hello and wouldn't stay home, we let him have a sleepover. We tried to take him back three times, but each time he ran back to our place and was waiting for us by the time we got back. He's a little stinker, that guy!

Time for some rough housing. As long as they keep it outside, I don't mind.

Please, can I come in too?

Maverick insists he still fits in the office chair.

See! I still fit!!

 Otis claimed the animal print pillow.

How does he sleep like that?!?

We actually had the opportunity to make him our own, but we just couldn't fathom two rather large dogs in the house along with seven children, so we said no. Now that we haven't seen him for weeks, I'm wishing we had said yes. I hope he's simply gone to a new and good home.


  1. I hope Otis is romping somewhere in a new home - he sure looks fun. But I can't imagine TWO large dogs in a family of nine, either ;D


  2. How cute! Maverick is so sleek and lovely! I hope Otis is okay!

  3. Otis is so cute. That second picture of him just shows what a character he is. Maverick is adorable too. Love him in the black chair. We have a couple of little mutts... they think the furniture belongs to them as well. They do bring fun and joy into your life don't they?

  4. I sure do hope he is in a nice home. He sure looks like a lovely dog.

    Best wishes
    Jen in Oz

  5. Otis is cute! I hope he is okay. They look like they were having such fun.

  6. Cute!! I should put a bandana on our dog. But being she is on a farm, it wouldn't stay looking nice very long.... She loves taking a swim in the pond.


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