Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wheat is Going On?

These days, I am so confused about this whole wheat, no wheat, gluten, no gluten trend. I want to do what is best for my family and my aging (and inevitably weight gaining) self. I struggled my way through Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD. I read any and every article I can get my hands on, and I love to read what other women are saying on their blogs. Thus far, we are not even close to being a wheat free family. I am somewhat wheat free, and I have discovered that I do have a wheat intolerance -- not to be confused with a wheat allergy. My body rebels in various ways if I have too much wheat in my diet. Nope, no more details than that.

Consider the fact that I have seven children to feed, who go to school five days out of seven. It's a big enough chore making seven sandwiches, packing healthy snacks, fruit, etc., to have to come up with gluten/wheat free food every day. So no, we aren't going to go wheat free here. The sad part is, they're not even whole grain wheat eaters. I was threatened with Momma mutiny (okay, I'm kidding) if I bought either one of these two brands of whole grain bread (and their whole grain affiliates) ever again:

My apologies to these companies. It's nothing personal. My children just don't like store bought whole grain bread. Thankfully, they'll still eat whole wheat -- for now at least.

In the meantime, I'm still searching. Do I start making bread from scratch? (Haha! Better yet, do I have the time? What can I drop in my life to add making bread into my life?) Bigger questions. Do I start grinding my own flour? I'm contemplating it. Do I make bread only from sprouted grains? I contemplated and nixed that one because it just sounds too complicated for me right now. Do I go the sourdough route? I'm still thinking on this one too. I hate the idea of another hungry mouth to feed ;o). That starter dough will mock me daily until it becomes a habit to feed it.

Well, there it is in a wheat grain. My thoughts on this whole new eating trend. I still don't know for sure wheat ;o) I am doing, but I'll keep you posted. How about you? Are you paying any attention to the whole wheat free/gluten free trend? Are you changing your eating habits? I'd love to know what you think of the whole thing.


  1. Yes... Me too. I want to do Gluten Free but it seems so hard.

    I tried all the replacement recipes - and no one liked anything made with all those different flours. So my husband has encouraged me to just try to not serve / eat wheat products. So, we've drastically cut back the amount of bread, pasta, and the like. We homeschool, so that makes it so much easier. In fact, I have to pack lunches for our field trip tomorrow -- so I bought a loaf of bread (the first in at least a month, maybe longer).

    I think my problem is that I need to stop whining. It would be okay for my family to eat wheat -- I just need to have the will-power to watch them eat it and not eat it myself.

    Good luck!!

  2. Sheepishly, it's not an issue at all for us, and I'm thankful. We love to cook and eat just about anything! I'll be praying for your wisdom and for finding a good solution for you and your family.

  3. Hmmm all good questions I have been wheat and gluten free for like 10 years now email me if you have any questions making gluten free bread is a tough act!! very hard to make a good loaf. Sprouted bread does bother some people with gluten intolerance. Also until your tummy settles down you might find that milk and corn and things like that will irritate your stomach as well until it gets a break from the wheat. Store bought Udi's is my favorite and bread machine mix the Favorite Sandwich Bread from gluten free pantry turns out every time in the bread machine. But it is kind of dense. Its good though. Pamela's baking and pancake mix is great for waffles and cakes and cookies and pancakes. Her brownie mix is divine. Pamela's website has great recipes as well and a good cookbook is Gluten free on a shoestring and the gluten free bible both of those you can get on amazon. Going gluten free is tough at first but once you get a few great recipes you will be thrilled and it becomes a piece of cake( cake with no gluten of course hehe). In our house the only gluten that comes in is cheap bread My oldest and youngest and husband can eat gluten but me and my middle child can not so for sake of keeping the cost down my son and I only eat the gluten free bread. But the rest of the house has to eat gluten free because it helps to not have any in the house. but seriously pick my brain on the subject if you need to ~ Love Heather


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