Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ebb and Flow

On any given day, you may find seven, or more, or less children in our home. It's what I call the ebb and flow of our life. Our children have wonderful friends. We like to have them here, but we also like it when they go to their friends' homes. I like the quietness that results in extra  having children here. Yes, I wrote quietness. So often, when one of the children has a friend over they are so busy -- often with younger (or older) sisters in tow -- that the house seems quieter. I also like the quietness that results when one or two are gone to friends' homes. It changes the sibling dynamics and different sisters learn to play with one another again.

The only downside to this ebb and flow that I can see is the need to always have kid friendly, but still healthy snacks in the home. Two boys arrived home today from rowing practice. They informed me that the miles they covered at the calories they burned were the equivalent to that of playing two professional basketball games. I'm pretty sure that that was their way of saying they were really hungry. So a muffin each, a glass of juice, an apple, and a bunch of crackers and cheese later, I think we at least made a small dent in their hollow legs. Before you think that that's just a boy thing, nuh uh! Our girls are great eaters too and so are most of their friends.

This weekend we will have two extra girls here again. Beans and Squirt will each have a friend over. These four play together very well. I imagine I won't see them much. For my highschoolers, that will be a good thing because exam week starts on Friday.

I like the ebb and flow of our lives, but if you have any ideas for healthy snacks that can be had at a moment's notice, I would really appreciate your suggestions!

** I would love to have posted some photos of the kids and their friends, but both the computers with Word on them are in use. We're also heavy into project season. Oh well, that too will soon be remedied :o).


  1. Isn't it great when the kids have Good Friends :D I remember when mine were really little, it was more work to have extra kids, but not for long. As they got out of the toddler years having a friend over kept them all happily occupied :D

    Oh boy... snacks! I'm looking for answers too. Hard to hit the trifecta of healthy, tasty, and frugal. Fill me in when you solve it!


    1. I don't know, Julie. That may be a mystery that is never solved :o)!

  2. We love having friends over, too, and sharing our kids with others!~~haha!
    Snacks can be tricky, though, especially with the younger set--so many picky eaters, allergies, parents who don't allow sugar, etc. Cheese and crackers (if it's peanut free!) are safe bets as well as fruit. Yogurt is another goody, but can be pricey (another downside, I think). You're right, sometimes it feels like they have hollow legs! I always tell my kids that it takes the body and mind 20 minutes to realize it's full, though, so if they eat a good amount and still feel hungry, chances are if they wait a bit, they'll feel better. Teenage boys though....not sure about that ;)

    1. Hah! I forgot about the peanut/nut free thing! I do always ask first time friend's parents about allergies though, so I guess at this point in our life, we have no friends with nut allergies. That makes things a little easier.

  3. We love yogurt, too. Have you tried making your own? We also try to keep veggies and dip (or Ranch dressing) on hand all the time. They make a nice presentation and taste yummy, too!

  4. Love it! There always is an ebb and flow in our house too...I don't usually have friends over, but Erin does. We seem to always be running to school, getting groceries, church, or any other activity. :)



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