Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saying "No" is Not Enough

This devotional was in the bi-monthly periodical that finds its way regularly into our church mailboxes and our home. If you have me on facebook, or I have you on facebook -- whatever the correct terminology would be, you will see that I don't often post what I term propaganda. Yes, I will post requests for pets that need homes, a legitimate red alert, funny things, ethical things -- such as fair trade stuff, adoption stuff, and things I find just plain interesting, but I will never post stuff that preaches against certain things. The one that I see most often this days is anti-abortion propaganda. (Maybe that's not the correct word, but that's what I always call it.)  I am anti-abortion, but I find the campaigns against it a complete turn off. It's too easy to just say it, post it, whatever. If we're so against it, shouldn't we do something about it. I'm not talking giving/donating money, blocking abortion centers, or waving our anti-abortion signs on street corners either. Most of those methods only manage to turn people off at the least, and anger them at the most. If I'm not going to do something about what I post, I prefer not to say anything. This devotional however, was very worth the risk of posting and losing facebook friends (which I did! Believe it!). My mom and I had been talking about and she suggested I read it. Thanks, Mom! (We use a children's devotional these days.) It says what, up until now, I couldn't put into words about why I wouldn't/won't post on certain topics.

 Saying "No" is Not Enough
“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” -- Matthew 19:14
One Sunday after I had preached against abortion, I found a letter on my desk. It was written by a police officer from a major city who had been in our church that morning. He wrote, “Don’t abuse my time telling me that abortion is wrong. I’ve heard it many times before.” He added, “Tell me what you are doing to promote adoption as well as other alternatives to abortion. What are you and your church doing for crack babies, for children who are abused, and for children who are shipped from foster home to foster home?”

A single mother also wrote, “I know abortion is wrong. But have you signed up to adopt a child? If not, why not? Have you volunteered to babysit for a single mother so she can go to work? Have you opened your door to a pregnant teenager whose parents have kicked her out? Have you ever visited a home for abused and unwanted children or volunteered to answer calls from desperate teens looking for an alternative to abortion?”

Saying “no” to abortion is not enough. As followers of the Lord Jesus, we must remember that He wants us to welcome little children in his name, along with all others who may be vulnerable or disadvantaged. We all need to recognize how dependent we are on God, and we have to ask ourselves, “How does the Lord want me to show his love to all his children?” Then we must respond.


Lord, please open our eyes to opportunities to promote full life in your kingdom, and to respond with your love. Amen.

Arthur J. Schoonveld


  1. Thanks for this's a true story from my little corner of the UK...

    A christian friend of ours, Rose, set up a charity [called 'jakin']to help 'pregnant mums in crisis' and they are doing a fabulous work of counselling and helping. Many of the young women opt to go on and have their babies and receive ongoing help - and the work has expanded to help and counsel single mums and parents with problems.
    The christian teenagers at our sewing group are helping with a fundraiser for the charity next saturday.

    Rose herself is a Pastor's daughter, who became an unmarried mum, then foudn her childhood faith again, and because of that wanted to help other mums.

    This is a great example of pro-active pro-life work - may God bless all involved in similar activities xx

  2. I so agree with you, Deborah! We are actively involved with our local crisis pregnancy centre. Hubby serves on the Board there as well. It's so heart-warming to see the beautiful babies being born knowing their moms chose life!

  3. I am in complete agreement with you--with everything you wrote and with the devotional!!! Thank you for sharing, I love that this also put words to my feelings as well.

  4. Yes. There's a difference between "anti-abortion" and "pro-life" that goes far beyond the semantics. And there are so many ways to help... crisis pregnancy centers, homes for unwed moms (yes, they still exist, and they need mentors!), adoption, foster care, babysitting... so much to DO.

    Well said, Deborah,


  5. Love this! It is a great reminder to do something! Love is a verb!

  6. Hey,
    There is a new Facebook group for Canadians adopting internationally!
    Would be great if you joined!

  7. This applies to so many areas of our lives! Don't just whine and complain, get out there and LOVE!!!

  8. Jesus came to change us. The pharisees were great at reciting the law and pounding people with it. When we invite Christ to reign in us he changes our hearts. We say yes to needs and we love people for Him and to Him. I'm glad you posted this.

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. Deborah,

    I too am glad you posted this.

    The prayer is worth praying everyday.


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