Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Gardener

Our Beans is growing into quite the gardener. This summer she took on the task of keeping my pots watered as well as our fig tree that gets kicked outside every summer.

 Didn't she do a GREAT job!? It's so nice and green and grew like crazy! Pretty soon it's going to be too big for our house.

Next year she wants a garden area of her own. I humoured her this summer and bought her a few bean plants per her request. She loved watching them grow and eating the beans off of them. During the summer, she also wanted to start growing a pineapple plant from the top of one we'd eaten.

It worked and now rests on the floor near the fig. It is said that in five years it will produce a pineapple. If that happens, she will be very thrilled! (Of course she be finished high school by then, but we won't go there!)

Here's the collection on her dresser. It sits in a south window, so her plants get plenty of sunshine:

Her terrarium she made with her best friend.

Her ginger plant from some ginger root that I had in the cupboard.

And this! This is her avocado! It's been sitting for weeks. She thought it was never going to grow, but just this week, we saw life. Beans and I were both very excited to see it finally. We can't wait to see what it looks like when it starts to grow leaves!

How about you? Are you a green thumb? Or do you have a green thumb in your family?



  1. I always get excited to see something new pop up on your blog :D Hurray for Beans and her green thumb - the fig tree looks very vibrant :D

    I used to have a green thumb (at our old house) until we moved here... I blame the soil (too many evergreens) and the %@&* deer ;D


  2. I'm curious if the pineapple will really take five years. In our village, the first pineapple takes two years and then a new one grows every year after that. Of course, our climates are a little bit different :-)

  3. She really does have a green thumb! Everything is so beautiful!! I need (and want) to get back to gardening. Of course I don't have a green thumb, so I get discouraged easily.


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