Friday, October 19, 2012

Brain Wave

I've been trying to figure out for weeks why I just can't get back at the blogging. I think I've finally figured it out. It has a little bit to do with being idea challenged since the subjects of most of my material are usually gone these days. However, it mostly has to do with how different my days are now. During the five years I homeschooled, I spent my mornings and sometimes part of the afternoon too teaching and supervising my children. Blogging was a great way to feel connected to other women while at the same time feeling connected to people who were often, but not always, a lot like me. Then the year the children all went school, we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our three youngest daughters, as well as going through a rather extensive addition/renovation on the house. This season left me scattered and very tired. Blogging was the simplest way to be creative and connect to the outside world without major brain drain. Last year was spent adjusting to three new bodies in our home and truthfully up until very recently, I was in a word -- exhausted! I'm really not sure how I blogged last year. I think it may have been my escape time -- a wee bit of time for me where I could feel human and normal again and not feel alone.

Suddenly however, I'm starting to feel human again. In the past couple of months, the girls have really settled in (oh we still have our battles, but we also have some good ( (sane) ) routines established), I've made some changes to my eating habits -- (mostly) gluten free, I'm getting more sleep, and here's the big one -- I quit everything church related for a season. I felt very guilty doing it and there was one thing that I really wanted to do, but I just felt in the end that the time was not right and to take a year off would help me be a much better person for it in the long run. After I quit feeling guilty, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

These days my time is mostly my own and I tend not to sit long enough to warrant decent blogging. Okay, we (those of us who blog) all know it's also a priority thing. Is it okay for me to say that blogging really isn't a priority right now? There's so much still at home to keep me busy that I'm pretty sure I could be home all day every day for a few years and still have things I could/would/should do. I also still participate in a lot of school related things and will likely do so throughout my children's school careers.

I don't want to give up blogging in it's entirety as I love recording the happenings in our home -- even if it is something as simple as what we had for dessert last night. It's for my family (our children) to have to look back on and see snippets of our life as it really was/is.

Will you forgive me if my posts continue to be a little bit sporadic? Will you forgive me if you are a blogger who I normally visited regularly who hasn't seen me stop by in weeks -- er months? On days when I just feel like relaxing with a computer in my face then I will stop by and say hello. I try to catch up as much as possible because I truly enjoy the snippets of your lives that you share with your readers! Why else would I stop by your blog and read :o)?! In turn I think of each of you and often mention you in my prayers.

Perhaps you don't know, but each of you whose blogs I read have encouraged me in some way at some time through your photos and/or words. I am very thankful for the blogosphere and you! It was there at a time when I especially needed it, but that, that my friends is another story entirely! I am thankful for the friendships that have developed from my online friends!

Be blessed Dear Ones!



  1. Deborah, I have always enjoyed your blog. And it is quite all right to put blogging lower on the priority list!!
    Remember - technology is here to serve us, not we to serve technology.

    And unless God is calling you to serve Him by blogging - you are free to not blog!!!

    I decided that for me, my blog is my tool. God is not asking me to minister to others by blogging. He's not asking me to do anything with my blog. So I feel free to use my blog the way I want - as a sewing diary of sorts. It's also handy for friends who want to keep in touch with a ten-foot pole! *L*

    The people that we NEED to minister to are in our own houses!! :) So, by all means, put us cyber-friends a little lower on the list and concentrate on the mission field in your own house!! :)

  2. Of course it's ok to say blogging is not a priority! You have to say yes and no to many things in life, blogging is no different. Take this time. You may find you want to come back to it some day. :) Visit when you can and no pressure!

  3. Oh Deborah, yay for you!

    Blog or don't blog without obligation. Of course, I miss "seeing you" and feeling like we're having a conversation, but your family comes first! Okay, GOD comes first, but you know what I mean.

    Wishing you well, as always,


  4. I can so relate to you. There are times when I have lots to blog about and other times when it's very sporadic -- like life. Seasons and change.

  5. You are doing exactly what you should be doing, nurturing your family and yourself and making sure that you are all healthy physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. And if we happen to get a glimpse into your world through the blog, then we will smile and be your biggest cheerleaders!


  6. I know what you mean. I love blogging so very much, but sometimes I tire of it. It's good to ask ourselves why we want to do it and why we don't.
    I won't forget about you, sweet one.

  7. I understand and I'm glad you are not quitting all together. I enjoy reading your posts. :) Enjoy your family and this season of life. :)


  8. I am becoming greatly aware of seasons in my life ... how things that used to be important to me just aren't anymore, how new adventures have me invigorated, etc. Enjoy your seasons!!! I don't stop by as often as I wish, but I still stop by. :)


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