Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Desk Renovation

This computer desk is over ten years old. Not that that's old for a desk, but this was a cheap desk -- you know, the kind that look like real wood, but actually are made of all particle board and then covered with vernier? Yes, that kind of desk. Of course I can't find any before photos of it when I want to, so you'll have to envision that the part that extends out to the left was originally the topper on the desk.

It got to the point where it always seemed very imposing and enclosing to me. On Saturday, the Engineer remedied that. We now have an L-shaped desk. It does seem to open up the room, and I no longer feel enclosed when I sit at it. In fact, I almost enjoy sitting in the "dungeon" now -- especially because I can look up and out a window! This is not in our office. This is actually going to be the password protected computer that the kids use for their schoolwork and games. Someday, I will have my very own computer strictly for photo editing, and it will be in our office and completely hands off for the kids.

Since we had a "new" desk, I decided that I had better get the chair fixed up too. I had leftover vinyl from recovering our piano bench just waiting for the chair.

If I had known it was going to be so easy to recover it, I would have done it long ago! Twenty minutes and we had a "new chair too.

Much better!

Now to get the maps on the wall and the whiteboard moved and the kids have their very own computer work station! I think we've actually accomplished something this week :o)! How about you, are you working on any projects this week?



  1. It looks like a very functional place to work. Well done!

  2. I hope you have better luck at keeping the flat surfaces clear than I do. :)
    My project this week was to start a new painting that is likely beyond my capabilities. I'm supposed to be in an art show next month, so I have lots to do to get ready for that.

  3. Don't you love re-doing/recovering/remaking stuff so that it feels like new? The desk and chair look great!


  4. Very clever! I love when you (we, anyone) can rearrange/repurpose stuff we already have to make it more usable, more practical, and more pleasant!

    Hope you get your very own computer soon :D



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