Thursday, March 29, 2012

An Outdoor Day

Yesterday was a beautiful and balmy 19 degrees Celsius again, so Peanut and I spent a large portion of it outdoors. In late afternoon the wind switched to the north and it clouded over, so I'm glad we took advantage of it while it was still sunny and warm.

I mowed the lawn and worked in the gardens. Peanut watched and played in turn.

It was nice to be outside enjoying the sunshine and getting some things cleaned up again. Next will be the garage. Ugh! Now there's a HUGE project!

Have you been doing spring cleaning?


  1. Our yard needs some spring cleaning, too. And the garage? Don't even want to think about that!

  2. worked on spring cleaning my laundry room today. tends to be where the extra "stuff" gets piled so I got that loaded out! maybe it will motivate me to do laundry more often :)

    love those spring flowers!!

  3. Your new header is gorgeous! I can just imagine you walking around taking all those wonderful photos. Spring cleaning...our garage would be a great place to!

  4. What a great day to be outside! We've had some beautiful March weather too. :) Your yard looks so nice! We also have to clean out the garage, and still unpack boxes. :0

    Yes, we have been able to do some Spring cleaning. Not outside though... My dad organized (not CLEANED it) the garage, we've gone through some clothes to pass down, and my mom was busy today doing some rearranging of the furniture in the house. :)


  5. Oh Deborah, what gorgeous pictures! You have the skill, AND the eye to see beauty :D


  6. sounds wonderful enjoy that spring weather ~Love Heather

  7. Hi Deborah!
    No spring cleaning here! I'm waiting until I feel the urge.
    YOU are a good little worker bee!

  8. Your yard looks so beautiful.
    I want to redo our garden in the front of the house.
    Any suggestions on plants that thrive in the shade?


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