Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dresser Re-do

It's finally done. I used the cheap paint that's on our walls to paint this dresser. (A little aside about the cheap paint. If you ever have a large painting job and decide to have painters come in and do the work, be aware of what they are using for paint. The company we had painting our place did a fantastic job, but I do not like the brand of paint they used. It marks ridiculously easily and is not washable. Grrrr! So not good with seven children in the house.)

Once I had the desired look (translated: I didn't feel like putting any more coats on) I was going for, I sealed it with varnish. Two coats on the top, and one on the rest of it.

The Engineer put the handles on this morning. Even though we had the cupboards in our laundry room installed ten years ago, we still found the same handles.

Crazy! So the dresser's handles match those of the laundry room cupboards. We'll use it to hold the off season outerwear.

It'd be nice if I can get everyone's snow pants in those drawers too. Hmmmm...



  1. oh, how I DO long to put the snow stuff away!! I'm just sure that as soon as I do, we'll get a big dump :) Nice job on the dresser!

  2. The dresser looks great! I love the color!

    I wish you luck on fitting everything into it. We also put our snow stuff away a couple weeks ago. :)


  3. I really like the job you did. I have thought that it would be nice if hubby and I got involved in a project like this. Hummm....maybe I need to find a dresser or some piece of furniture to work on,
    Hope your weekend is going well

  4. The dresser looks great! I DO love the handles!

  5. That looks so good!!!! And ingenious to store outwear in it :)

  6. Looks great!!

    I use to use a dresser for that same purpose in our old house, here I use a deacon's bench.

    I have some dressers I'd love to repaint for some of our bedrooms. :)

  7. It looks great - well done :D Love the pulls, too.


  8. Looks wonderful I like the colour! This year we used a vaccum seal bag to store our snow pants in.


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