Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm Not Sure Where That Week Went....

But it was a good one! My plans to sew all week were washed away with the showers on Tuesday morning. It has been warm and sunny here all week, so I couldn't bring myself to sit in the basement any more than was absolutely necessary.

I spent time in the yard, raking and then scrounging for life in the gardens -- and I found lots of it!

I read in the sunshine and listened to the birdsong and children at play.

I vacuumed many times, -- lots of dirt, mud, and dog hair off the mudroom floor and hallway to the bathroom. Dirt = fun.

I let the dog in, then out, then in again, ad nauseum.Finally at one point I told him, "to suck it up buttercup", and made him stay outside. Eventually he quit whining.

The Engineer and I went out just the two of us :o) :o)  for breakfast on my birthday (Wednesday).

It was leisurely,

and sunny,

taken with the hub's work blackberry. (I was rather impressed!)

and I very much enjoyed my hazelnut cream coffee. It was good to the last drop ;o).

Then we went in search of tundra swans hoping to get some photos like the ones we took back in 2010. They are a most beautiful bird. This year they were very early -- unbeknownst to us -- so we missed them.

image from March 2010

 We had the foresight to jot down some geocaches too, so we did that instead. One cache we were in search of was blocked by a large puddle. The funny thing is, we just thought it was a steep hill at first. Suddenly I realized it was not a hill but a very large puddle, so the Engineer had to slam on the brakes and slowly reverse out of the long, narrow, dirt road, in our monster of a van. That in itself was an adventure ;o).

 The BIG puddle! 

The other adventure was keeping Maverick out of any body of water that he thought was swim-able. Thankfully he was feeling obedient that day and we didn't have to deal with muddy and wet dog on top of every one else's muddy feet.

Geocaching?!?! That's means there's gonna be water somewhere!!

Seriously, Mom, Canadians are weird! Who keeps a headless dinosaur??

Hey Bub, how do I get down there!?!? I need a swim!!!

Logging a find.

This bridge gave me a great idea for a summer photo session I want to do with Peach. 
*Me rubbing hands in excited glee!* :o)

In the afternoon, I took Beans as my assistant and went off to do a puppy shoot. Ten King Charles cavalier spaniel/poodle cross puppies! The cutest things you ever did see!! We managed to get eight in the wagon at one point. I think some of them were feeling a little squished though :o)!


Thursday we were off to London. Two of our Littles needed photos done for the third time to get their landed immigrant cards. Grrrr! Why the government can't get a passport photo right the first time is beyond me. Now we had to go and get the photos done elsewhere and then turn them into the immigration office. More driving and more money. We thought our adoption expenses were done once the girls arrived home. Nope, still.not.done, but soon they will be Canadians and we will be all done that part of the journey!

Of course while in London, one must go to Chapters (Cdn. bookstore chain). I get the impression, you are not officially a reader in this family until you beg to go to Chapters. (The four youngest haven't caught on to this yet).

Thursday night Peach and I went to a jewellery party. Have you heard of the Apparent Project?

The Apparent Project artisans guild uses discarded materials 
such as cereal and cracker boxes, oil drums, and trash paper to
create beautiful “upcycled” pieces of jewelry, journals, and 
stylish home decor. While redeeming the Haitian landscape,
these artisans are also bringing new hope to their families, 
employing themselves for a brighter future and earning the
means to pay for their children's food, shelter, and education
That means less orphans, less crime, less garbage, less stress,
 and a whole lot more beauty.

**Above quoted from the Apparent Project Website.

Very neat stuff!! Peach and I couldn't resist buying a few pieces.

 It was especially neat for us as some of the monies made through the bracelet purchases go to a family we know who is going through their second adoption. The Haitian peoples still get their full commission on the jewellery -- it's just that now the bracelets are sold for a little more and the extra goes towards covering Little L's adoption. To me, this is just simply good stuff!

Friday was a revolving door with children coming and going to various friend's homes. Somewhere in there, I did some cleaning and rearranged my fireplace mantle.

There is supposed to be a canvas of the seven kids on there, but it's just one of those things that time and finances hasn't allowed us to purchase yet. I wanted something timeless, but somewhat different than the one up there now.

I love the colours in this shot and am very looking forward to getting a canvas made sometime soon!

Saturday dawned sunny and warm. We've already been sleeping with the windows open at night. A-maz-ing!! I love falling asleep to singing frogs and waking to chattering birds! I broke out the flip flops.My last surviving pair after wearing them into November this past year. (That means I only haven't been wearing flip flops for four months. Now that's a record!)

We put the screens back in most of the windows, and in the evening we had our first campfire.

Hooray for finding old hotdog buns and a package of wieners from last summer in the freezer. To make it more healthy, we added a Caesar salad :oD!

Today we had company after church. It was busy, but fun. (Eleven kids.) I kept lunch simple by having grilled cheese and soup warmed in the crockpots while we were at church.

Now, I am sitting here catching up on the blogging and as soon as I get this posted, I will be off to catch up with all of you my blogging friends!!

Happy Sunday!


  1. What a great week! Great pictures! Looks like spring has sprung!

  2. Love your photos! Looks like you had an awesome March Break!!!

  3. Sounds like a great week... especially since I didn't have to clean up the mud ;D


  4. Beautiful pictures, and a very good post! I love random posts like this... My favorite! :)

    I'm so glad that Spring is here, and you've all been able to enjoy it - perfect timing for your spring break! It feels more like summer down here, and we currently are keeping ALL windows open during the day.


  5. Looks like you had a great March Break! I feel spoiled with these record breaking temperatures.
    I love the picture of the kids at the lake.

  6. Loved the pictures and loved "Suck it up, Buttercup"--I need to say that more often to my dog. Also, I must say I'm not sure I realized the Engineer was so handsome!

    Happy belated birthday, Deborah! Hope it was lovely.


  7. I love your pictures!! Timeless is great.

  8. Wow! That was some post! So full of news and photos. Most enjoyable. So glad to see you and the family are still geocaching. We went last weekend for the first time this year. My Dakota 20 is paperless, so I've got all the cache info right on there now and no longer have to print off the page. I really do have to download a decent map for my GPS though! Great way to spend the day with family :)

  9. First of all I must say I am impressed beyond with all your photos and the time it must have taken to download them all! Is there an easier way?

    It was such a treat reading about your life and those things that make your life unique and special, and yet crosses into mine too.

    I could barely keep my eyes off the photo of your children on the log at the beach...stupendous Deborah!

  10. Catching up here is always such a jot Deborah,
    but I agree... the photo on the beach stands out above everything...

    Have a wonderful weekend , and thanks for taking the time to stop by and watch my vid. Always fun to try new things;)


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