Saturday, February 11, 2012

How Quickly Fly the Days

I am always amazed at how quickly the days fly by. Life is just its normal busy here, but yet somehow something is different. Perhaps it's because the Engineer was gone on business again, or perhaps it's that I am slowly and finally adjusting to the fact that there are three more bodies in our home that need my time. Or maybe it's just that for a season I am making other things more of a priority, but I just can't seem to get at the blogging these days. Reading them and/or writing. I am so behind that it's scary.

I have finally and consistently started working out, and it's beginning to show. Most days I am feeling far more energetic and upbeat. I'm starting to lose inches. It would go even better if I would behave in the eating department, but I haven't mentally decided to master that yet. Oh well, baby steps.

One of my New Year's goals was to start crafting again. The clincher though is that I cannot run out and buy new materials. Any project I make must be made with materials I already have on hand in the house. It's been fun. I'm a little scared to look at my scrap book stuff though. I'm only about four years behind now! I plan on switching to digital, but I've told myself I can't do that until I've used up my existing scrap book materials as much as possible. Not sure what yet what will happen to the leftover stuff, but I've been saving ideas for what to do with leftover scrapbook paper.

Here's a few of the things I've been working on...

Next week I have to start attacking the paper piles again. I will say that when I home schooled we generated far less paper than we do now. The little ones especially come home with sheets and sheets of paper. It goes to show you how much time is spent in the classroom doing busywork -- especially at the younger level.

We had another birthday this week. Beans turned twelve.

Twelve!! It seems like just yesterday I was in denial that I was in labour a week early. What a gift each of our children are to us. Each so unique yet carrying qualities that can't help but show that they are a special part of our family. Speaking of family, we have family coming over tomorrow -- provided the snow stops.

I guess you can say we're in the midst of our first winter snow storm. It's really just a line of squalls off the lake, but it is making driving a little treacherous. If the Engineer and I didn't have a few errands to do and Bub didn't have to go to work, we would have been happy to stay home all day, but alas things need to be done.

Finally, a BIG Happy Birthday to my mom today!!


  1. Sounds like you're staying busy! I was missing your posts, and am so happy that you could find the time to fill all of us in. :)

    Great job on the crafting! I love that candle idea!

    A BIG Happy Birthday to Beans from me! WOW 12! I remember being twelve...makes me feel a little old. :>

    Blessings and drive safe,

  2. Happy Birthday to Beans :D

    It's funny that you blogged today. I was thinking already of leaving you a message saying that I miss you blogging more frequently, but with seven kiddos... seems like your priorities are (very appropriately!) in other areas! Still, I love it when you have time to catch us up :D


  3. I can relate to the issue of other things are going on more than blogging. I am still connected but by not being able to be on the computer much b/c of my arm and back has directed my focus on other things. I love seeing all these creative crafting goings on in your home. [o= And Happy Birthday to your dd!

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  4. Hi Deborah! Twelve is a lovely age! One of my very favorites!
    I hope you find time to do nothing, but it sounds next to impossible! Take care, good girl.

  5. Wow! What a great photo of your sweet girl! She is beautiful and your shot is awesome.
    Love your decorations! Happy Valentines Day!
    Get some rest.... : )

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter!! My son turned 14 this weekend. Looks like some cute little crafts your working on...Wow where did this snow come from? we could barely drive this weekend ~Enjoy your Sunday Love Heather

  7. Beans is so pretty, love that outfit too! And your craft projects are awesome! Always enjoy your posts. Blessings!

  8. You are so right about time flying. I cannot imagine where it's gone the past couple of weeks!

    Happy Birthday to Beans. She's gorgeous and Dad will be wanting to lock her in the attic soon ;)

  9. Beans is so beautiful and boy how she has grown :O) Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!
    Love all of your amazing pics, sister!!!
    As usual :O)

  10. Oh the snow- the lovely snow! Still none here. I'm liking this young lady's look!

  11. Oh and another thing... I am catching up with my blog reading because like you I am unable to get to it daily so it is usually in small sessions...anyway...

    I too love to scrapbook the "old way" and like you I am at least four years behind! I gaze at my scrapbook table in the office and day maybe.


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