Saturday, January 28, 2012

This Week in Random

I've been a little m.i.a. these days and I know it. It's not that there's anything specific going on to keep me away from the blogs, it's more that there are other things consuming my thoughts and hands.

If I had a nickle for every time I've been in one of the vans chauffering children these past two weeks. I think I would take the money a go vacation some place warm :o).

On Thursday morning, I sat in the mudroom keeping an eye on the little girls who insisted on playing outside in our two cm of snow that we got overnight. Have the adjusted to their new climate? Most definitely! They love the snow! They BEG to go outside and will generally play outside for an hour or so whenever the weather is acceptable for them to be out there.

I'm always a little nervous letting them play outside with me not out there, so in the end, I often park myself by a window and keep an eye on them. It's a good time for me to read, or knit. If Maverick is out there with them, I'm a little more comfortable doing things and checking on them frequently because he'll bark if anything is amiss. He was being a wimp though and watching them out the side light window, so he could be two feet away from me.

Bub had his oral French exam on Wednesday and he got 80%. Very good, considering he wasn't passing French at all at the beginning of the semester. He's torn. He'd love to continue on in French but seeing as he struggled so much with it this year, he feels he shouldn't push it, as it only gets more difficult every year. He has a tough time memorizing the verb tenses and when to use them.

I practiced with him for his exam on Tuesday night and was surprised at how much I remember, but also at how much I've forgotten. I love languages and really wish I was able to continue to use my French regularly, but when you don't need it, you tend not to use it, and of course begin to forget it.

I've been developing some new methods to help me keep the house clean. I am not a natural cleany. I don't focus well on things I don't enjoy. I can ignore messes until they really get out of hand and then it drives me crazy. My mom who is the clean queen, sometimes has to rap me over the head for things that are so logical to her  to sink in to my brain. This week is one of those weeks where something finally sank in. She told me how she always, picks everything up, sweeps/vacuums, wipes downs floors and other dirty locations as soon as she's able to every day, so this week, as soon as I have all the children at school and am home again (have had to drive them much of the week this week), I  go around like a whirlwind, picking up, vacuuming, wiping, and scrubbing. I work on this until noon (with a break in between when the little ones are outside for awhile) and then feed them lunch. After lunch, they watch a DVD and I work on something creative. When the DVD is done, they'll play and I'll start tidying up (again). Before I know, kids are arriving home and it's time to make supper.

Our community and church community is mourning the loss of a special man. Today is the funeral. We go knowing that it will be a celebration of his life and that he is in heaven celebrating with those who have gone before him. At age 76, it was still too soon and too sudden. He will be missed and remembered fondly by many!


  1. Deborah,
    How funny that you mention going on a vacation! I dreamed last night that the two of us had plans to go on vacation this summer. We were going to take the train through Canada.
    Oh, that Mavy! He has a mind of his own, yeah?
    Congratulations to Bub for a good showing on his French. It looks like he really dedicated himself to his studies. Admirable!
    I'm so glad the littles love the would be miserable if they didn't. And the fact they want to play outside is just so great.
    I miss your post during the week but honestly I just don't know how you do all you do!
    My thoughts and prayers to you and your community of faith in the loss of this dear one. May God be near to all of you.

  2. Congratulations to Bub on his French test! My girl has French next semester. Exam week has been surprisingly relaxing this week. Three are done and one last one on Monday. Can't believe how fast this semester zoomed by!!!

    I think I will like your mom... she and I think the same way! ;-)

    Have a great weekend, Deborah!!! You inspire me! So glad to read that your wee three are enjoying the snow. :-)

  3. I'm amazed you have any time to blog at all! I think I was busier (well, in a different way) when my kids were in school than now... and with seven of them... you amaze me :D

    Well done, Bub, on the French exam! I admire people who work hard to succeed at something. Good life lessons, whether or not he continues with French.

    Hang in there with the cleaning. It's all about balance. On the one hand, the time with the kids is more important, but on the other hand... an orderly environment helps with an orderly mind, and you're training all the kids as you go. GOOD JOB!

    Wish we could have that warm vacation together!


  4. Way to go Bub! Though, like you said Deborah, we seldom need it, so it's hard to believe the government insists we spend so much money on bilingualism.
    As for cleaning, use your laundry basket (or other large container) and,following the perimeter of the room, pick up what doesn't belong there and put it in the basket. Then deposit that stuff in the right rooms as you come to them, rather than run back and forth with stuff. That's the biggest time saver I know besides teaching kids to put things away themselves. Good luck with that.

  5. It's a been a while since I've been able to blog, too. I haven't had a free moment lately but so glad I jumped onto your blog...the pictures of your beautiful!
    Enjoy your kiddos!

  6. It's a been a while since I've been able to blog, too. I haven't had a free moment lately but so glad I jumped onto your blog...the pictures of your beautiful!
    Enjoy your kiddos!

  7. Yippee to your Son who did well on his exam....and how fun for your girls to be playing in the snow. Good idea to do some knitting or reading and still keep an eye on them. Anna has been playing in the snow as well enjoying it. Sorry to hear about your friend from church passing ~and good luck with your cleaning plan it sounds very good ~Have a blessed week Love Heather

  8. So much to respond to here ... Jack struggles with French, too; he finds it illogical, but I think it's just gotten more difficult. He loves Latin and does very well in it. I'm not a particularly particular housecleaner, either, though I do really love a clean house.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend who passed. It's funny how these days 76 seems too soon.


  9. Sounds like a great week! Tell Bub great job! I hate oral exams. The worst test that there could possibly be.

    Fantastic plan on how to keep up on cleaning your house. Your house is quite big (and beautiful), and with 7 kids I know it isn't easy.

    Sadly, our church community said goodbye to wonderful woman of God last week too. She died at the very young age of 51 from pancreatic cancer. She inspired so many, and it was a blessing to attend her funeral.


  10. I've been making some changes to the way we clean around here too. If I don't spell it out, the girl will do the bare basics. LOL So I've made check lists...

    Still trying to get into our new normal since our baby's birth, keeping up with it all is a lot of work!

    Wouldn't change it, but having less would help... :)

  11. I just don't know where the time goes...
    ( well , actually much of it does go to the constant cleaning and picking up. this never changes :) )

    You must look at how everything has come together and becoming a sort of routine ( as much as life can be ) and think of how it wasn't that long ago that you were waiting and wondering and waiting. So wild.


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