Sunday, January 29, 2012

1000 Gifts

I know there was no lack of gifts this week, but truthfully, I didn't take the time to record them diligently, so it will be a shorter list than usual.

1240 snow! lots of it falling softly as I type.
1241 warm, comfortable,yet  stylish boots.
1242 time for sewing.
1243 listening to the Engineer singing made up songs and talking to the dog.
1244 Peanut's ability to make us laugh almost constantly.
1245 hazelnut spread. I don't know who loves it more. The kids, me, or my friend, Julie who gave me the idea. :o)
1246 a husband who realized he should see the doctor and went without my encouragement.
1247 antibiotics.
1248 homemade hamburgers by the Engineer. Now if I was really good, I would have thought to make homemade buns to go around them, but I didn't.
1249 an interesting sermon by a guest speaker.
1250 pizza in bed while watching a movie. we felt so evil :oD!
1251 working out almost every day this past week.
1252 going shopping with the Engineer and seven children (trust me, this rarely happens!!). They all behaved very well and I had to laugh at the faces of people mentally counting. You could tell that they were trying to figure out if they were all ours.
1253 our big van. I like it that we can still go places together as a family.
1254 a funeral that reminded me again of how vast God's love is for us and that even in the depths He is there.

May you all have a wonderful week!!


P.S. You can see my Joy Dare post here.


  1. What a lovely week full of joys and blessings!


  2. Though it is short, it was a blessing to read your list!

    You are always thankful for the little things, and I can almost always relate to them. Crazy how 2 families can be so a like, and meet via the internet.

    I had to laugh how you felt "evil" about watching a movie and eating pizza in your bed. I've done that only a few times, when I'm not needed as the big sister... and quite enjoyed it! :)

    The Engineer sings made up songs too?! So my dad isn't the only one? Oh good! *phew* Those songs are quite entertaining aren't they? He will even sing about our Hattie girl. Oh dear...

    Hope you've had a great week so far!


  3. Wonderful list! I didn't get mine done.... Will have to catch up next week.

    Going out with a 7 gets interesting! The faces we see sometimes is funny!


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