Sunday, January 22, 2012

January (Week Three)

In my 1000 Gifts posts I say that it was a busy week. Well, it reflects in this post with its absence of photos. Hopefully next week will be filled with photos again.

January 15 One thing you wore, one thing you gave away, one thing you shared:

  • black boots -- keeping me warm, dry, and feeling just a touch sophisticated :o).
  • a favorite cozy white sweater that has lost its shape.
  • homemade from scratch clementine cake.

January 16 Three ways you witnessed happiness today
  • a contently snoring dog
  • the quiet, but animated play of a little one
  • a daughter singing to the new piano music she is learning

January 17 One gift that made you laugh, one gift that made you pray, one gift that made you quiet

  • Peanut and her unending joie de vivre.
  • Bella. Oh that girl drives us to our knees!
  • watching my son swim for the pure joy of it.

January 18 Three gifts from God's Word

hope, joy, peace -- from words in a devotional that my mom saved and gave to me.

The is only One who knows
All the answers to my woes;
He will all my needs supply
When in faith to Him I cry. ~ G.C.Morgan

January 19 A grace in the kitchen, a grace in the weather, a grace that might have never been

  • leftover perogie casserole made by my mom.
  • snow! Finally!!
  • watching the sun set as we were detoured on to Hwy 21

January 20 Gifts you saw only when you got close up

  • the unique intricacies of the snowflakes
  • Duncan Phillips rocking out on the drums at the Newsboys concert
  • the pattern of stitching on in the quilt on our bed

January 21 One thing in the sky, one thing from your memory, one thing that's ugly-beautiful

  • gently gently falling snow
  • going camping with the children in September when everyone else was back in school.
  • Mt. Laundry. Ugly because it's never ending. Beautiful because it means are more than sufficiently clothed.


  1. I missed your pictures, but busy weeks are hard sometimes. What a great list! I do think that these small joys are unique... Just the small ones that don't even eneter your mind until now. I'm really thinking about starting 1000 gifts on my personal blog - Maybe I'll get to this next year (if it happens again) or just start late.


  2. You are amazing, Deborah. I'm inspired by you to be intentional about counting my gifts.
    Peace and love,

  3. Great list. Clementine cake? Sounds fabulous. :D


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