Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Dance Production

Things were astir here today and surprisingly everyone got dressed today too. The girls paired off and had a dance production.

First up were Squirt and Bright Eyes:

They danced to Defying Gravity by Glee and won for best choreography.

Next up, were Beans and Peanut. They danced to Never Alone by Barlow Girl and won for biggest smiles.

Last, but not least were Peach and Bella. They dance to Stand by You also sung by Glee.They won for best vocals and costumes :o).

It was a fun afternoon. Did you do anything fun today?


  1. Nothing near so much fun as you had!

  2. Oh so I got to be an "audience" after all! :) I remember when my sisters and I used to make up routines to songs too. (hasn't happened in a while)

    Such fun!

  3. I wish I'd spent my afternoon yesterday dancing! So much fun! Thanks for sharing the pix, Deborah.


  4. What FUN! I really loved the way you took the pictures and made it like a story in pictures. You are so creative!

    I hope to catch up more on you blog as I can. Life is full but good. And I am trying to keep pinterest in control...really. [o=

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  5. Thanks for sharing such a sweet part of your day. Today, I just prepared for moving, but I listened to the kids playing outside while I worked, and they were having LOTS of fun!

  6. Your girls are all beautiful and great dancers!!!! It must have been so much fun to watch. Rafael loves dancing too. Maybe the kiddos all had a dance teacher in Dorcas House!!

  7. Renee I'm hoping they know/remember how to do tinikling :o).

  8. You just reminded me of the shows we used to put on for my grandmother when she would come to visit in the summer time. Great fun.
    As for today, I had 5 friends (one of which has a birthday tomorrow) come for cookies, cake and lots of tea. They enjoyed watching blooming tea ball that I got all the way from China as it opened to reveal the flower inside when I poured hot water into the clear teapot.

  9. We still talk about the shows my kids put on when they were little. My oldest was always The Sound Guy...a job his daddy has always had during Worship. They even sold us tickets! =D I wish I had pictures like you do. Too cute, all those sweet dancing girlies!

  10. What cute pictures and I'm sure you all made lovely memories. :)


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