Friday, January 6, 2012

Cool Cowl

Have you heard? Scarves, wraps, and cowls are all the rage. Even Maverick has one. He's also feeling like quite the star this week. (Two posts featuring him in one week after all!)

A simple knit, purl in the softest of blue (acrylic :oS) yarns and Maverick feels like he is at the height of fashion -- except maybe when one of his hoomans pulls it over his ears.

Torture over, he stretches out by the fire for (yet another) nap.

Is anyone else working on some projects at the height of fashion :o) this year?


  1. I wouldn't say "at the height of fashion" for my project... But Erin and I are hoping to get out fabric to start our tie-blankets.

    I'm really excited, and I think we've both figured out what pattern we want.

    I love his fun 'cowl'! I don't think Hattie would let us put that on her for one second... much less a bow. (Yes, we did try to do that)


  2. I couldn't help but laugh very loudy at the second picture. He looks almost scared with it over his ears. Dogs are so fun.

  3. Super cute! Glad to see Maverick will be nice in warm.

  4. I wouldn't know the "height of fashion" if it bit me!

  5. Cute!! Our dog would be sure to gets here dirty right quick She loves the pond... :)


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