Monday, January 16, 2012

1000 Gifts

1175 a long walk to take advantage of the balmy weather

1176 a good chat with a good friend

1177 back to routine

1178 hot water for showering

1179 the contented song of a little one

1180 sunlight warming the master bedroom

1181 grilled salmon and a salad for lunch

1182 Sunny, sunny, January days making lot of gorgeous

1183 sunrises and

1184 sunsets.

1185 lunches made without rushing

1186 GEMS girls whose chatter make me smile

1187 a mid afternoon cup of coffee

1188 sitting outside on the porch reading a book in January

1189 longer days of light

1190 a new routine slowly being put into place

1191 a grocery store close by to pick up those things that often disappear so quickly

1192 farm fresh eggs

1193 happy children who are enjoying school

1194 oldest daughter's sense of humour

1195 a picnic lunch out on the porch in January

1196 a package in the mail from sweet friends with lovely things for my kitchen.

1197 evening quiet

1198 a roast cooking in the crock pot

1199 friends in person and via internet who "get" me

1200 a fun shopping excursion with the Engineer and the Littles

1201 a too short, but laughter and joy filled visit with friends

1202 Christian radio

1203 a boy who given permission to make a choice, still ultimately makes the right choice

1204 birds at the feeder

1205 finding tasty uses for leftover fruit

1206 candle light on a dreary day

1207 a surprise visit for coffee from my brother

1208 Fridays off from cooking. The Engineer always makes pizzas

1209 sharing several hours of fun and laughter with just my two oldest

1210 much needed items purchased at affordable prices

1211 fireplace warmth

1212 absorbed in a good book

1213 the scent of warming citrus wafting through the house

1214 anticipation of leftover cheese tortellini for lunch

May your week be filled with blessings!

*** You can find my Joy Dare post here.


  1. Great list! I loved the "oldest daughter's sense of humor"! Erin is often amusing us with her quick comebacks and short (sometimes a bit sarcastic) responses that always keep us laughing.

    Oh so glad that you're enjoying the package. Where did you decide to put the towels? :)


  2. I love your list. Picnic in January....that is very nice for your corner of the world. We will be at 75 or so today...sunny...beautiful.
    I can't wait to see your list next week because I just know that God is going to show Himself to you in simply amazing ways this week. Hang on to your hat!

  3. I love your list....
    Wow! No snow??? What's going on???

  4. I love your inclusion of things like hot water for showering and then things such as right choices made by boy. Your lists are wonderfull.


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