Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today's Post, Brought to You by the Letter M

It's M day in the Kinder Start class at school today. It is also Bright Eyes's turn to bring snack. At first I thought it would be a hard snack to come up with, but I made Maple Mini Muffins. If you have a convection oven, does yours ever create windblown muffins (or cupcakes)?

Mine does.

It is also green day for the Kinder Start class. (I never did get a photo of her in her green apparel).

Pretty convenient that Bright Eyes's shirt and socks are both Christmas themed and green! Can't get any better than that at this time of the year :o).


  1. I love M days!! How fun!
    Hope you have a very lovely day.
    When do your kids get out for the Christmas holiday?

  2. I hope Bright Eyes enjoyed those yummy snacks, and had a fun "Green Day"!


  3. The windblown muffins are hilarious! Thanks for sharing :-)


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