Friday, December 23, 2011

Filipinas on Ice!

Well they did it!! Our Wee Three have blown my mind again! See the photos below and you'll see why.

That's Bella in the middle!

 Oh look! There's two big sisters too.

They learned to skate in less than half an hour. Not fast mind you, but unassisted nonetheless! Bella had tears once after a fall, but otherwise it was all smiles for all three.


  1. Wow! They look like they are having a ball! Great holiday family event!

  2. O what fun it is to skate!!! We are waiting for our pond to freeze solid (without worries) so we can skate.

    Hooray for the newbie skaters!

  3. So adorable! What sweet pictures and looks like a really sweet time!

  4. Oh that's so much fun!! I'm glad that they all enjoyed skating and it's crazy how fast they learned!

    Enjoy the busy weekend!


  5. Aren't they CUTE?! Perfect Canadians, out there on the ice. :) Or, do you say Canadiennes????

  6. Three cheers for your wee ones and their athletic abilities! They are adorable! Now you have company when you take a spin around your frozen pond.
    Thanks so much for posting these pictures.

  7. Wow, good for them!!! :)

    They look so cute too.

  8. good they be any cuter!! I mean really!! Love these pictures I think they are my new favorites and love seeing the big Sis's in there too!!! Have A Very Merry Christmas my friend....thanks for making me smile ~Love Heather

  9. Lol I meant to say could not good hehehe I think I need and afternoon nap :P ~Love Heather

  10. I love these pictures of new experiences for the wee three. I can't believe they got the hang of skating without a skating cage so quickly. They are amazing!

  11. The wee three have great teachers and encouragers - of course they learned how to skate quickly!

  12. What fun!! Great job girls!! I cannot skate. We don't have the chance to skate much here in Georgia. Such cute pics.


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