Tuesday, November 15, 2011

22 Days to Less Mess ( Day 8 The Dining Room)

*Sigh*. Another room with mostly naked walls. I did post this which hangs on the adjacent wall. Oh well, it sure makes for easy cleaning :o). So, the big tackle in this room is the buffet. It belonged to my oma (dutch for grandma). I think she used it mostly for fancy china and things. Me? Ummm, not so much. I have used it for china and such, but lately it houses other things. Things that I can lock up if need be, which I do because I don't want any children painting whenever they feel like it, except the one who is taking art this semester.

The drawers hold our Bible and devotional books. The cupboard not shown open (in top photo) is surprisingly empty. Our kitchen became larger with the renovation, so my fancy china (the little that I own and LOVE) now sits high up in a cupboard in the kitchen.

(Yeesh, I should be editing these in RAW. The colour is nasty!)

So about ten minutes later, and a good wipe down of the buffet, and you have more stuff cleaned up. Why do kids need so many colouring books? I have a plan for them, but we'll save that for another day.

So, would you all cringe if I said I was going to paint my antique buffet this colour?


  1. I'd say you're going to have a LOOOOOOOT of stripping and sanding to do, with that glossy varnish it has. But GO FOR IT :D

    Some people are afraid to paint wood because... it's WOOD! And I do like the beauty of natural wood, but I also like COLOR!

    Have fun,


  2. You inspire me. I so need to do that to all of my hidden spaces. I feel able to keep the spaces you see clean, but all of my drawers, cabinets are a MESS! You did a great jog sister!

  3. I'm a visual person so it's hard to really imagine what the piece of furniture would look like with a new paint job. But I will say with confidence that whatever you do will look amazing!!
    Great job!

  4. Great job! It's always good to tackle those hidden spaces once and awile.

    I agree. I'd have to see a "sample" of what it would look like for that color. Of course you might have something paticular in mind, so go for it!


  5. I say go for it! That's a pretty color green and not so trendy that you'll tire of it in a short time.

  6. I like the green, too, and I like the buffet very much--it's a beautiful piece. Paint away--I can't wait to see how it turns out!


  7. I'm enjoying your "22 Days to Less Mess" posts!

    I think you should go with the repainting. I love the colour you've chosen. It will go very well with the orange wall. :-)

  8. Thank you all! Green it will become! ....Eventually :o).


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