Thursday, November 3, 2011

22 Days to Less Mess (Day 3 The Great Room)

I guess this room could be called the great room for more than just that it is what those big rooms are called these days. This room is a breeze to organize because there is nothing to organize :o). It's just a great big room with some furniture in it. This is the least finished room in our house. Nothing and I mean nothing on any of the walls -- unless you count the wires where one of those big ugly flat screen tv's has to go someday. Happily it is still a very distant someday.

Cleaning this room is a little time consuming though. It has six windows that I wouldn't give up for anything. I love and need sunlight. It also has lots of floor to wash. I don't mind either one of those tasks though. So today's list:
  • water plants
  • dust furniture
  • vacuum floor
  • wash floor
  • clean scuff marks off walls
  • wash all windows inside and out

The view out those big windows. I never tire of it.

No hints or tips today, except to say that I could really get excited about minimalism.


  1. Oh, that's beautiful, and very peaceful - with that lovely view!

    And how are all your smalls with chicken pox doing?


  2. Thanks, Julie!

    So far only one has it. I guess the other ones will follow in the next week or so. She's doing great though. Occasional spots that driver her crazy. Oatmeal baths at night and she's good to go. Only clues are the spots everywhere and that her eating is waaaay down. I'm sure she must have a few in her throat. Hopefully the round two group does just as well :o).

    Have a great day!

  3. Love minimalism, but can't seem to get my kids as into it-Ha! Beautiful view.

  4. Oh that room is beautiful!! Looks like a perfect room for your big family!

    I'm sure you'll get something on the walls sooner or later. A mirror would be pretty. Our grandma gave us a mirror she found and it's still not up! I guess we're more of "pictures on the wall" people.


  5. I love that you can see your floor! LOL I see patches of my floors here and there. Gotta love having a small house and boys that refuse to take apart their creations and put the pieces away.

  6. What GREAT windows! You have been a busy lady!


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