Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rose Hips

I have a wild rose bush in my perennial bed, and the last two years it has produced an abundance of rose hips.(It's also been denuded of its leaves by hungry caterpillars).

This year I am harvesting the hips. I will use them to make rose hip tea -- especially when cold season arrives and everyone is sniffling and hacking.

If you would like to read a little more about the benefits of rose hips, check out this site. I love their photo. My rose hips are orange, but theirs are such a pretty red!

What do you do to stay healthy through the winter months?


  1. Well, I believe firmly in echinacea and fresh oranges, good books and warm blankets! The suns sail along on ridiculous doses of steroid inhalers... Absolutely love the new photos- beautiful people in beautiful colours! A symmetrical family; ours would most assuredly be asymmetrical!

  2. we take Juice Plus supplements... I think it really helps build the immune system... but if that fails, I do echnacea as well!

    Just wondering, how do you get in on the Wind and the Willows thingy??? We would love to do that!

  3. Washing hands!! :)

    Our neighborhood is full of rose bushes and it took me two years to realize what those little bulb things were. I had heard of rose hips, but never knew what they were.

  4. Really cool pics. I love the blog. Really love the Pics of your children. So cute.


  5. Deborah, those pics are breathtaking. I don't know about orange; they sure look red to me.


    Winter heatlh? Wash hands :D


  6. I'm soaking up your blog for the last time before we leave for the village. Love the new pics of your sweet family! And winter health? Just go to the Solomon Islands for lots of vitamin C filled fruits and sunshine :-)

  7. I love rose hips! I'll be out gathering the wild hips in the pasture. They are very small in comparison to yours. I did transplant a nice rosebush in a flower bed that is setting some pretty rose hips.


  8. I'm looking forward to putting my rose hips into action this winter.. Well, I'm not looking forward to cold and flu season, but you know what I mean. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. Love the rose hip shots. And love the autumn blog look.

  10. hello deborah
    your rosehips looks wonderful.a great idea......rose hip tea!!!!
    i make onion-honey sirup.
    have a nice weekend,
    blessings regina

  11. So pretty! I didn't know rosehip tea was so good for you and rich with vit. C. :)

    Here we take lots of vit C and cod liver oil.

  12. They are lovely! And I love your new autumnal header. Very nice!

  13. Your blog look so cute love all the new fall pictures...oh those rose hips will be a great thing to harvest! lets hope there will be no colds and you won't need to use them but if you want to have some tea ~Love Heather

  14. Your rose hips remind me of cranberries - they are beautiful!
    Around here we resort to a spoonful of elderberry concentrate when we feel a cold coming on. But to keep things from even reaching that stage, regular saline rinses of the nose and throat are the best.
    And don't eat too many sweets!


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