Friday, October 14, 2011

Cross Country Meet

Yesterday four of our girls ran in the Christian school cross country meet. It was a perfect day for it too! Drizzly, but not enough to prevent the meet and comfortable temperatures for the competitors as well as the spectators. The day went very quickly, as I had kids of my own to watch in every other race. I was a little worried about Bella running in this meet seeing that it was her very first time and well, language is still an issue, but she did great!! I think we just might have a distance runner on our hands. Her older sisters? Well, let's just say they do it because their teachers want them to -- not because they want to. I was happy to see all of them participating and that they crossed the finished line tired, but happy (even though the pictures don't show it).

         Yes, she wore those boots on the wrong feet all day :o).

The little girls were able to play at the playground and they even watched when their sisters crossed the finish line. It was a good day!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Great job to all the girls!! I had to laugh at the rubber boot picture. Rafael will often walk around the house all day wearing his rubbers on the wrong feet.

  2. Love that last picture especially. Just precious! When I helped in the kindergarten room, I'd ask kids who mixed up their boots which hand they wrote with. Then I'd put a big dot with a permanent marker inside the one one that corresponded to that answer. They were always proud that they never got their boots on the wrong feet after that.

  3. Bub is such a great big brother! And all of your pictures tell such a story. My youngest ran cross country but not sure how much she really enjoyed the sport. It's great practice for life...just keep going!
    Hope your weekend is full of joy and adventure.
    love you guys

  4. Good for them!

    That is cute about the boots, it is funny how more often than not they end up on the wrong feet. LOL

  5. Awesome Great job!! ugh running is hard...but how rewarding to finish ~Have a great weekend beautiful pictures ~Love Heather

  6. That is awesome! I love running! What is the distance? What great training to start so young.

  7. AWESOME GIRLS! I don't know if I would be up for it either, and would also be very tired! Glad to hear it went well!


  8. Oh, I love the runners! Aren't they strong and free? Precious pictures.


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