Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where's Bub Been?

Did anyone notice that my boy was mostly absent from photos this summer? He wasn't absent because he was avoiding the fact that he has six sisters ;o). He's been very busy! At the beginning of the summer, he was working on getting his bronze cross and one step closer to his Water Safety Instructor Certification. He hopes to become a lifeguard next summer. Then he went to camp as a junior counselor for five days. (He actually missed three days due to testing for his bronze cross).

After he came home, he volunteered at the pool five mornings a week helping with swimming lessons. Somewhere in there, he did swim practice three mornings a week for swim team.

On Sunday evenings, he spent time with his friends at different church family's homes, not to mention worked on sketching, and playing some computer game where I have no idea what he is trying to achieve. He also liked to spend time chatting to one "friend" in particular on facebook, but she was a busy girl too.

To top off his summer though, he landed his first job!! Tuesday was his first day working at our local library. He has about 4 to 6 hours a week (some being on Saturday). Perfect for a busy kid! A hearty thank you to my friend T for making us aware of this opening! It couldn't have come at a better time!

Be blessed today!


  1. Yes, I have missed your handsome boy! Glad to get the update and tell him hello for me!

  2. What a dashing young man! And his first job, too! 4-6 hours / week sounds about perfect.


  3. He is really growing up. Congrats on the job and that picture with his computer cracked me up! Too funny.

  4. WOW! I was busy this summer too, but not that busy. lol I laughed at the "friend" comment and the picture. :) Hope he continues to have a great school year!



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