Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Sneak Peak Reveal

Remember this photo from this post?

Here's what it is:

I needed something on my dining room wall. They're hung higher than I would like, but I want to keep little hands off of them as much as possible.

I g**gled dining room decor and found a version of this. I'm not sure how they did theirs. They are probably much fancier than mine, but I did what worked for me. They're 12x12 canvases from Michael's (buy one get one free :oD). I painted the perimeter brown, and then carefully (with a glue stick) adhered them to the canvas. Weighted down for a few hours, they came out looking okay. Now to find something for the other wall....

Shortly after I took the above photos my new benches arrived. They are an early Christmas present from my parents. My Dad made them and I love them!! They have made life so much more simple -- especially for sweeping the perpetually crumb covered floor.

Aren't they lovely!?!


  1. I need not look any further....I've chosen the new color of my dining room.

    And I've always been a fan of benches!

  2. Your dinning room looks beautiful. I have always thought about getting benches. Hmmmm I am thinking that I need to put that on the wish list and try saving up for some. [o=

    Nice to visit again. Ohhh and your kitchen looks wonderful too!


  3. Love,love,love the benches.
    Your kitchen looks so welcoming and warm.

  4. Our dining room is a similar colour! Love, love, love the benches!!! Beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous benches--and wow, that would make crumb sweeping easier--not to mention the dog hair!!

  6. You're so creative! Those canvases are so cute! At first when I saw that there was nine I thought you might be adding pictures to them or something. BUT they look great! Those benches are awesome! I can imagine that they do make it a lot easier!


  7. GREAT room! Love the color, the canvases, and most of all the gorgeous benches!!! :)

  8. It looks GREAT! Love those beautiful benches! What a labor of love. Does Maverick help with crumbs? I've joked that one of my biggest regrets was not getting a dog sooner...back when the kids were little and made such a mess on the floor. I sure could have used the cleaning help. =D

  9. It's funny, just this evening I told my husband again that we needed benches at our table instead of chairs and then I "visit" here and see yours! :) Lovely dining room!

    yes, we need benches..... Sorry just reminding myself of that thought. LOL

  10. so pretty Deborah! my dad did benches for us last Christmas too! aren't they handy?? love the diningroom....

  11. How lovely! The canvases are beautiful and the benches are just gorgeous. Love the dining room.

  12. They ARE lovely. The color of your dining room is lovely too. And so's you're light. Pretty, pretty!

  13. I have always thought benches and large families go well together.

    Your wall decor is fabulous, very pleasing.

  14. LOVE your dining room - so warm and inviting... and practical (familiar with the crumb-covered-floor motif...)



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