Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Already

It's Monday again. I can't believe how the weeks fly by so quickly -- and the weekends even more so.

I'm happy because I think I've finally caught up on some much needed sleep. I had a two hour nap yesterday afternoon, went to bed early last night, and awoke just after six am today raring to go.

I have lots on the agenda this week, but no appointments at all! We have another photo shoot this coming weekend (we did one on Saturday for the first time in months) that I am looking forward to, but first the stuff on my list this week to start working through.

Have you ever used listography? I love it!  (My friend Cathy introduced me to it, two summers ago) I never lose my lists anymore! I can't seem to function without lists. If I don't have a list I wander aimlessly from one thing to the next and never complete anything -- not to say that I always accomplish great things every day, but at least I get some things done.

Getting the rest of the storage room completed is what will consume most of my time this week.  Hopefully I can get 'er done!

I hope you all have a productive and enjoyable week!


  1. Just got home from school... I always love coming to check your new posts after a long day! lol :) That little guy is so cute! I'm glad that your photo shoot went good; you take amazing pictures!!!

    Extra sleep sounds heavenly right now. Even though I didn't have any homework this weekend, I seem to be extra tired. :) Ooh the storage room... My parents just cleaned out our very messy garage last night, and I hope to post pics on the blog.


    I'm going to go vote for your blog right now! Hope that you're staying in the top ten!

  2. Has the package come yet? I'm starting to get worried.

  3. Thank you, Michlyn! I saw some of your new photos on fb. Beautiful!!

    Still not Pom Pom, but we don't get mail here on Saturdays and I do find that travel between the border is very slow. Don't worry yet.

    Have a great week my friends!

  4. Sleep is such a healer for the body, mind and soul. So glad you got some much needed rest! I hope you are able to cross off a lot of items on your list!

  5. It took me awhile to read through what I missed... you've been busy. I love the new wall art! I'm going to show this to my married daughter, I think this is what she was trying to help me envision.

    Congratulations to the newest girls on their baptism! I pray that their relationship will grow and become more personal with their commitment.

    I'm encouraged by your new found energy. I too found that sleep really did 'help what ailed me'. Unfortunately I'm back at the computer at 3:30 this morning thanks to a dog that for some reason can't seem to get that it's still night time...

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. So glad you got some much needed rest. It makes all the difference doesn't it? I could use a nap today now that I think about it. I hope you have a restful week.


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