Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Home Made Laundry Soap

In an effort to save money here, there, and everywhere, I concluded that making my own laundry soap might just be one area where we can cut costs.

I do about six loads a week -- if you don't count sheets. (Please don't ask how I keep it to only six because I really don't know -- I guess I've just ingrained it in my family's brain that most things you can wear more than once before it needs to go into the laundry).

Washing soda and Borax -- $4.99 and $5.39:

Bar laundry soap (grated) -- $1.49:

Essential oil -- mere pennies:

At a Tablespoon a load, I think it will be pretty economical. It's certainly going to last a lot longer than the HE soaps I normally have to buy. I checked to see if this soap was HE acceptable and by all accounts it is. It's the foaming factor that is an issue and this stuff isn't very foamy. My fancy shmancy jar holds six cups of soap so at 1 Tbsp a load, that's 96 loads. However, the Borax and washing soda are still over half full. I guess the jury will be out for quite some time -- or at least until I figure out how many more loads are in the combined boxes with the laundry soap. Sooooo, am I saving money or not? I'll let you know.... someday.

Until then, I would be happy if I could just teach everyone to turn out the lights when they leave a room. Imagine the savings!

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  1. looking forward to hearing how it's working for you in a few weeks. Seems much less expensive...pennies on the dollar! great frugal idea!

  2. What a smart way to save! I love your jar that you keep it in! (it even says Soap) :)


  3. I'm over from Pom Pom's.
    I love this laundry soap.




    We SO need to speak about this. Making my own laundry soap has been on my list for quite awhile. I just have not gotten around to it yet...but soon. I think it might be one of my projects for the long, long winter.

    I quit using fabric softener a while back. I have gone to using a bit of white vinegar instead. It helps with yucky boy odors and it make our clothes so, so soft. I was afraid it we would walk around smelling like chips but you can not smell it at all. I did a test and washed 1/2 of J's t-shirts w/ vinegar and 1/2 w/o vinegar. I randomly handed him 2 and asked which one he liked better. He handed me the one washed in vinegar and said he liked that one better because it smelled clean! I have been hooked I add just a bit of Vinegar 1/4 to 1/2 a cup to every load I wash.

  5. I've been using my homemade laundry soap for about 3 months now. I made the liquid version which I do really like. The problem is that when I need to refill the dispenser (an old Costco laundry soap jug) from the 5 gallon bucket with pump top, remixing everything is difficult. I have a feeling that when I get to the bottom I'm going to have a VERY thick concentrate! I'll be curious to see if you have a similar issue with your dry ingredients... I've been very happy with how the laundry comes out. In fact, I used some Cheer last week because I hadn't refilled the jug and needed to do a load quick. The smell when I dumped the detergent into the washer actually burned my nose. I was uncomfortable for several minutes after. That never used to happen. I figure that says a lot about the positive change to something less harsh.

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. Six loads????? Wow.
    I'll be interested to hear how you like this. I am afraid if I made my own I would get behind making it because I have already washed three loads today and am only 1/3 of the way through. Sigh. I wish I could give it a sniff. =D

  7. I am curious about the bar of soap you use, is there any particular kind you would recommend?

    Oh, and just in case I forgot to tell you, the blanched basil stayed the brightest shade of green?

  8. Turn out the lights before they leave the room? Oh, you're dreaming, my girl, dreaming.

    Let us know how the homemade laundry soap works for you. I've always wanted to try it.


  9. 6 loads a week-impressive! I'd love to have ingrained in my kids' heads that they can wear jeans and pjs twice (or more--I do!) in a row!

  10. I used to make this powdered version years ago, but stopped because it just didn't seem very compatible with our poor quality well water. There is also a liquid version (not sure if you've seen it - I know The Frugal Shopper site has it posted), but I have never given it a try. It's the same ingredients.


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