Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Veggie Garden

I had told the Engineer that I did not want to care for a vegetable garden this year and that if he wanted to plant vegetables yet that was fine by me, but I was not going to look after them. I was feeling overwhelmed with the three new bodies in our home and really didn't think that I would find the time to look after the garden.

Ha! Enter in swimming pool season. While the kids swim, I work nearby in the vegetable garden weeding and tending to the plants while the children swim the afternoon away in the pool. It's the nicest it's ever looked! The Engineer has also spent quite a bit of time tending to the weeds.

Here is a little tour of our garden(s) from south to north:

The rhubarb patch. It looks a little sad now, but I have lots of that tart stuff in the freezer. Yum!

The herb box. The herb box contains lots of cilantro -- some of which I'm letting go to seed, basils, lemon grass, rosemary, Italian and curled leaf parsley, and sage. I think that's it...

Some hostas and lavender in behind the herb box are still awaiting transplant to their new homes.

Here is where we grow dog's butt ;o) and strawberries. This is a newly replanted patch, so the few berries we did get, the robins happily stole.


and cherry. In the back, some self-seeding vine plant. It's  likely some gourd that will grow only white gourds. At least that's what usually happens.

We have never had pepper plants that look this gorgeous. Let's just hope they produce as good as they look! Behind them are the eggplants. All the kids are gagging at the thought of eggplant. It's one of the very few veggies that they do not enjoy.

I wonder if I can make eggplant muffins?

Cucumbers. If you look closely, you can see one laying there ready to be picked. Behind the cukes are some annual flowers, and another volunteer vine *eyes rolling*.

My Swiss chard and some early dill.The dill is ready to be pulled and tossed. The chard is ready for chard chips. Yum! Speaking of chard chips, my Swiss chard chips post last year has had over 1000 hits. It's my highest ranked post by about 750 hits. Who knew!?

 My gladiolus. They're so pretty when they're in bloom. They were planted late this year because of being in the Philippines, but they're doing really well.

Bright red cana lilies. One year we got snow so early that we didn't have a chance to dig them out. A few survived and they've multiplied beautifully since then. We plant these for the humming birds to enjoy!

Our fallow rows. The one closest to the bottom will be the new home for my blackberry, raspberry, and gooseberry plants. They'll be moved in the autumn.

Now if only our flower beds looked as nice! How do your gardens grow?


  1. That's wonderful and amazing!

    We have NOTHING this year. Too late to plant, and we'll be vacationing during harvest time.

    Next year...


  2. Duly impressed, but not surprised!

  3. Wow, oh wow. How beautiful and delicious. I have been busy killing stuff this summer. =D And what is it with dogs and their rears in photos. Cooperate you canines! =D

  4. You can ship the eggplant down south. We love it! Even in muffins.
    Have a fun day.
    Love you all

  5. I'm not a real fan of eggplant in typical uses either, but have you tried making either baba ganous (spl?) or other eggplant dip? Just made one last night and it was SO tasty! Your kids just might give it a try...especially if you tell them what's in it AFTER they say they like it :)

  6. Beautiful! Our drought got me again, but now it's rainy season so I have some okra growing. That's all I can sow in the heat of our summers. I also have genovese and opal basil, thyme, and Italian parsley growing in 5 gallon buckets. I'll try again in the fall (probably sow early next month) with squash, zucchini, cucumbers, etc.

  7. The tomatoes are making me sorry we didn't plant any this year!

    Looks so wonderful!

  8. You have a stupendous garden! I would be jealous if that was allowed, as it is I am happy for you prosperity.

    Now on to the preserving....?

  9. Awesome garden! Looks like it's been a productive season. I grew some bell peppers last year, but they were too small and very bitter. I think they have to be bigger to taste good. I've never grown dog's butt before, though. LOL!!!

  10. Oh I am so glad that my Mom's phone has internet until we do --- because I can come and look at your posts. Your garden is BEAUTIFUL! You grow so much, and it looks so good. My mom would be so jealous that you grow cilantro! She loves it in homemade salsa. We used to grow vegetables when Erin and I were little but life just got so busy so fast! To be honest I have never tried eggplant, maybe that will be on my list "to-do-before-I-die".hehe

    Hope you're having a wonderful week!


    P.S. I did post on our blog but it's a quick one and I can't wait to post some new pictures on Monday or Tuesday.

  11. Wow! Your garden is fantastic! Way to go!

  12. Great garden! Looks wonderful!

  13. Beautiful garden! I'm so impressed by how orderly it is. We have a big vegetable garden this year, but it's mayhem out there. The tomatoes are leaning into everything, and the beans are trying to take over the world.


  14. That's amazing!!!! I am envious of your garden :) So much great space to grow!

  15. Holy basil! Your garden is amazing! I'm a newbie and currently seem to have unintentionally started a basil farm. I also took your advice (from a previous post) and planted a lot more cilantro seeds than my last attempt. I'm limited to pots here but it's a start!


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