Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh Those Flies!

The one drawback to country living is the flies. Typically in mid-August they start migrating from our neighbour's dairy goat barns to the homes nearby. This year they're early and in magnificent disgusting abundance. They're pooping all over our newly painted house, our new cupboards, and generally just landing on us and making us crazy. So we have fly strips. Not exactly humane, but at least we're not still going insane and we don't have to spray chemicals in the house (for now. Maybe as a last resort).

Even more disgusting? They're over the dinner table! I confess!!

And this object is our other trusty tool.

As disgusting as they both are, it enables us to retain a slight modicum of sanity (as if we weren't already crazy enough ;o))!

Hope you're not as inundated with flies as we are!


  1. Oh that's not good. As we were moving, our doors were open about 90% of the time. So as we were taking things out of the old house the air conditioning was cooling the outdoors. Then at our new house, we had flies all over. We soon took matters into our own hands and they are finally gone.

    Fly free,

  2. Oh bummer!

    We don't have them very bad at all, but our friends with a dairy farm... swarmed.


  3. You need a fly bag. It's a thing I bought at the hardware store for $5 - cut a hole in the top, pull up this thing that lets the flies in, fill half-way with water, and hang it up. You have to put it outside - but it attracts flies like crazy.

    We have one hanging outside and it has seriously decreased the numbers of flies inside. We also did corn outside this year - with the fly bag hanging about 10 feet away - we had some annoying flies, but NOTHING like it could have been.


  4. I've lived with flies, and they're just horrid. Do what you have to do to rid yourself of them--you have my full support!

    By the way, I *am* lefthanded, and find it interesting that you are as well. Must be one of the reasons we're simpatico!


  5. Oh mercy Deborah! We only had to hang these things in our barns.

  6. Flies are terrible, I haven't put up fly strips yet, but I can understand why you did. It can be a full time job killing them with a flyswatter. LOL

  7. Deborah,
    Hope you are rid of those pesky flies soon!
    Shoo flies don't bother Deborah...


  8. The best "fly swatter" I've ever owned is shaped like a tennis racket but with metal "stings" and uses batteries. You swing at the flies and they are instantly electrocuted. Even if one is on something you wouldn't normally want to swing at, you can get close with this gadget and it fries them anyway. I'd never want to go back to the old style fly swatters after using one of these.

  9. I love your lights! When we were there you just had the fly strips up. One of the things I love so much about you and your family is that you are absolutely down to earth. You don't put on airs.
    We don't have big massive flys like you guys...we usually have a lot of Mosquitos but this summer we are so dry and hot that everything is just dead, dried up and burned up.
    I really do like your light fixture....great job.

  10. We have a lot of flies here as well - being in dairy and horse country. We have fly screens on our house and doors and STILL they get in. Annoying aren't they?

  11. ugh how frustrating if you can find a horse supply store they usually have the best fly traps and paper and all sorts of things for dealing with those annoying pests! but those papers you have look like they are working pretty good!! ~Love Heather

  12. The flies are more manageable now. The fly strips are working great. I'm totally going to get one of the bags that Naptime Seamstress suggested as well. I saw one at a friend's house and it works great!



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