Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eight Weeks

It's been exactly eight weeks today that our three Filipina daughters landed in Canada with their bleary eyed brother, mother, and father.

 (I have no idea! We'll just call it sleep deprivation!)

The first hours, days, and weeks were nothing short of chaotic. We were happy to arrive to our home where the renovations were completed enough that we could settle in again without that busyness too. John, Jonathan, Mark, and all the other tradesmen that worked on our house, did a beautiful job! We are thrilled with our "new" place!!

As I began laundry, cooked lots of rice,  and tried to work through the jet lag, the girls promptly settled in to a wonderful sleep pattern that is our saving grace! It made for little girls who were excited to explore their new home and back yard. At night as they settled down for sleep they would chatter in Ilongo for about five minutes and then drift off to sleep. Now they like to challenge us a little more on bed time, but most nights they are still asleep within 15-20 minutes of hitting their beds. We continue to sit in their room until they are all asleep, but we appreciate that little bit of down time.

As far as eating, they have truly surprised us. Sometimes a bribe of ice cream for dessert helps, but most of the time, the girls will eat anything we put on their plate. Bright Eyes blows us away with how much she will eat. Some days she eats twice as much as her sisters and will even hum a little if she is really enjoying her supper. Cauliflower and broccoli are still their least favorite. I haven't introduced cabbage yet, but I have a suspicion that it won't be a real winner either. I was surprised that the two oldest will eat beets though.

Breakfast is promptly after waking up and is usually oatmeal or leftover rice from the night before. They have a snack at 10:00 am and LOVE cookies! I try to give them something healthier at that time, but as most moms know, that doesn't always work. Lunch is right around noon. Usually bread with peanut butter or pb and some combination. Bright Eyes discovered this week that bagels (she calls them magels) are really good. For fruit they love apples, bananas, watermelon, and Bella likes peaches too. Afternoon snack is at 3:00pm and is usually the sugary treat -- unless that was eaten in the morning. Then its fruit or crackers or sometimes both. Supper is eaten anywhere between 5:00 and 6:30. We have to be careful not to set the table too early, or Peanut will inform everyone that it's "Shuppertime!!" even if we have half an hour to go yet.

Bella learned to ride a two wheeler in three days. They all still love the scooters. Bella and Squirt love to climb trees which makes me a little nervous, but what's a mother to do. They have all become genuine water lovers. I put them in swimming lessons for two weeks and Bright Eyes our original water hater was the first of the three to jump off the diving board. We now can't get her out of the water.

They were at the doctor for check ups and are very healthy little girls. Growing and gaining. Although the two little ones still aren't in the growth curves yet for weight and height we're not worried because they are growing and gaining nicely and that's what really matters. We're still amazed at Bella's height. Long and lean -- especially by Filipina standards. She and Squirt are only a year apart and their height attests to that. Now if only the would get along well, but even that is slowly improving.

One thing we're still working on is inside voices -- even outside. They are so loud it sends me into mental spasms :o) sometimes. I have to grit my teeth for the noise of it all. 

So although we still fall into bed exhausted every night, we can see that things are coming along nicely.

P.S. I'd love to post more photos, but our computer is dying a swift death, so everything runs veeerrrrrry slow. Too slow for my patience to last while hunting through files for the photos that I can picture in my head that match the words.


  1. Wow!!! I can't believe you guys have been home 8 weeks. It really seems like no time ago that you were in the Philippines. We've now been home just over 5 months. Scary! I'm so glad to hear that the girls are doing so well with their sleeping, eating, swimming etc. Sometimes you really don't see how far your child/children have come until you look back to the beginning. I really can't wait to see some more photos of your beautiful girls. It really brightens my day! Oh, did I mention to you that we were given birthday cards from Rafael's first birthday and there are two from your girls? Precious!!!!

  2. WOW! I can't believe it's been eight weeks! That's crazy! They have learned so much, and seem to be happy growing girls. Oh I can see how you go into mental spasms... You're a very patient momma and I'm sure I'd be locking myself in a closet. hehe I know the slow process of computers as well. What I usually do is pick out the pictures and walk away while they upload so I can do something instead of bang my head against a wall as I wait. :-) just kidding...

    Prayers coming your way,

    P.S. I've been looking at airlines lately because I've been wanting to plan a trip this summer. Then something caught my eye... a jet to Canada!! Oh hopefully someday... what a gift that would be to me! :)

  3. 8 weeks, wow time flies, glad things are getting done and the routine is coming.

  4. WOW! You have come a long way in eight weeks!

    When you get the time... what are you thinking about school/homeschool?


  5. Already 8 weeks!! Wow, the time flies by... :) Sounds like all are settling in and it was fun to read your update. I can imagine your days are full and overflowing.

    I'm still working on inside voices here... Not all mine are loud, but I have some and yes, I hear you on the "mental spasms". LOL

  6. Happy eight weeks to your beautiful family!
    I admire your daily routine. You are an amazing Momma to your seven children.
    All the best to you my dear friend,

  7. Keep up the good work, Deborah! God's faithfulness and grace are very evident in your life :-)


  8. So nice to catch up with you again!! Sorry I lost track of you when I switched the blog. What a beautiful story your family has. And it sounds like the girls and everyone is adjusting well!! We are getting used to new food here too! lol not much American food here so we are trying all sorts of new things. The hardest thing to find has been instant oatmeal lol! We finally found some organic kind and my son said yuck tastes to healthy and organic hehehe.....I hope this little note finds you all doing well. There is a huge communtiy here in Bahrain from the Phillipians and also India. I am looking forward to learning some new recipes ~Have a wonderful week Love Heather

  9. I remember eight weeks was about the time after bringing each baby home from the hospital that the fog was lifting. It appears that is the case for you as well. It seems as if you follow a schedule pretty well and I too always found that {still do} most helpful.

    Glad all is going well for you! {Minus the mental spasms!! :)}

  10. Wow, eight weeks! It doesn't seem that long, but maybe that's just because I haven't been the one having to remind everyone about "inside voices." I know it's a lot of work, but what a wonder to have those little ones in your life!


  11. Hey, Deb!

    I've been away for much of the summer and am just now getting caught up on all I've missed... and wow! I must say-- you have one lovely family!! Congratulations on surviving that tremendously long wait, and praise God for the union of your entire gang! Those 3 precious girls are blessed beyond belief to now be a part of your tribe, and I am certain that the blessings will surely flow to the rest of you in the weeks and months to come! Family certainly is one of the Lord's greatest gifts, and a family of nine... well, that must be one filled-to-overflowing household of blessings!!! Congratulations, my friend-- please know that I am praising our heavenly Father with you for His never ending love & care!

  12. Eight weeks already!?! Wow. I love your description of the girls and the rhythm that has been established in your home. It is such a blessing to hear about all that God is doing in your family. May God continue to bless you all!

  13. I'm so glad to read the updates and amazed at their rapid progress!! With the wonderful family they have, I guess I'm not surprised to read how well-adjusted they are :) Continued prayers for you all as you walk this road. Blessings! Emily


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