Saturday, July 23, 2011

Brain Dump

I could guess you could call these the things so short they're not worth their own post. OR I really should have taken a camera along to make them photo worthy. These brain dumps are becoming a weekly thing. Credit goes to my friend Julie at Herding Grasshoppers! In fact, she just did one on Thursday.

1 }So I've decided to ditch the caffeinated coffee -- at least at home. I've also increased my water intake -- although most days I don't meet my goal.

2 }On Wednesday, I was so very tired that I could hardly see straight when driving home from the doctor. The little girls had a check up. All's well. They have all grown and gained which is exactly what we needed to see. In the afternoon I had a nap. A REAL nap! Not a I-have-to-keep-one-ear-out-for-screaming-and-fighting-children-nap. It was glorious!

3}I took Squirt out on a Mommy Daughter Date. She needed it. She has a mind like a steel trap and apparently I've done this with her older siblings, so now it was her turn. It was a cheap date. We went for buy one get one free ice cream. It's home made. Delish!! Then we walked along the water front. I really should have brought my camera!

4}My gardens are a mess. Actually our entire acreage is a mess. All except the fire pit area. After two years, the Engineer finally finished it off last Saturday. It looks nice. Perhaps this fall and next spring I can make a good effort at cleaning up and redesigning my gardens.

5} We have a picnic table again. Friends of ours are moving to a beautiful Victorian home and don't want to take the picnic table with them. We bought it from them and now we just need to pick it up.

6} I could live on pizza and ice cream and never get tired of them. There are sooooo many flavours to choose from. My favorite ice cream: President's Choice Loads of Chocolately Peanut Butter Treats. My favorite pizza: spicy spinach pizza (homemade). Throw in a Coke or a Dr. Pepper once in awhile and I'm good :o)!

7} We have been visiting with our beautiful Compassion daughter online. It's probably not allowed, but we found her on facebook. One great reason to like facebook.

8} Speaking of facebook, what is it with all these social networks? No wonder people are always complaining they don't have time -- or that they are sooo busy! Every time I log on to fb, or twitter (yes, I'm on two too many too) I hear of yet another social network I can join because I have lots of time to waste having real life friends on multiple sites, "pretending" I have friends on sites where my real life friends aren't, or can spend hours perusing the web for pictures I like so I can "pin" them all in one spot. I've been doing that for years. It's called file folders and scrap books. I'll just stick with blogging, thank-you-very-much! At least with blogging I have developed some real and special friends who are a wonderful blessing to me. I could rant on, but I won't. (You can all breathe a collective sigh of relief now).

9} I adore early summer mornings! I've finally been able to drag myself out of bed a few times lately to truly enjoy the peace and beauty that they hold.

10} I keep thinking about things I would like to sew. I'm not sure why, since sewing is so not my forte. Perhaps with a little consistent time and practice I can get better. I'm just happy to have two skirts (started last fall) finished. one each for Peach and Beans. Next up a beach bag idea. Question is: will it work? It's an idea in my head. Crazy!

11} I never knew until we brought home our three youngest that I was so consistent at parenting. In a way I feel like Militant Mommy, but they are getting it, albeit slowly!

12} Squirt is  (finally) officially a reader and it looks like her younger sisters won't be far behind. They love books. So much so that they are forever removing them from bookshelves and will drag library books all over the house. Now if only I can teach them some more respect for such valuable property.

13} I've been reading/proofing my friend Sharla's e-book Shield: A Framework of Self-care for Foster and Adoptive Families. It could not have come at a better time. While I'm talking about her, I have to say how talented and organized she is. She hosts this website (also up in my tabs bar). It's a valuable resource for Canadians looking to adopt! She's also a Mama to seven children, homeschools, and lots of other things.

14} I love it when my children have friends over. Sure it means even more kids in the house, but really all it does is change the dynamics a little to keep the crowd happy and increases the food bill a little ;o).

15} The photo for my "wall of fame" arrived today. I'll post more about it when I have them all framed and hung.

16} A garage to clean, company, and hopefully lots of swimming this weekend.

May you all have a fun and relaxing weekend!


  1. Hi Deborah! Love your brain dumps. I'm so glad to hear you have another reader! Your kids are such lovers of story and I find it so encouraging. I'm wishing you could have a good deep nap every day. If I was your neighbor, I'd come by and take over for a while so you could have a restorative snooze.

  2. Hey you! I too love your brain dumps!
    I smiled as I read about your Mommy date with Squirt, ice cream and a walk along the water front sounds absolutely perfect!
    Thanks too for your encouragements on my blog.
    Love ya girl,

  3. I have enjoyed visiting your blog. And I love it when I meet fellow Canadian bloggers even more. [o= I look forward to getting to visit your blog as time goes by. I do have questions about your adoption journey. I am so glad you visited.

    Blessings in Him<><

  4. I always enjoy reading your thoughts, Deborah, and find myself smiling and nodding my head as I do. Pizza! I could eat it all the time. Kids over to play? I encourage it whenever possible, even though the pantry is often depleted. A real nap? Heaven!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  5. I love your brain dumps Deborah! So glad to hear that Squirt is a reader! I love reading! I saw her reading one the "Magic Rainbow" books. I still enjoy reading those... hehe and yes I do read my level books. (You can tell her if you want :) ) Hope you get plenty of rest!


    P.S. I can't wait to see your "wall of fame" pictures.

  6. Ah, yes. The brain dumps are always so fun to read and so "real life". Thanks for sharing!

  7. I feel like I'm on the porch with you - encouraging, venting (just a little ;D) and watching the kids play :D

    SOOO glad to hear there is progress with the girls - you ARE a good mom!!! And that they're physically healthy and growing. All good news.

    I'm with you about pizza and ice-cream! I think pizza is just about the perfect food - you've got all the food groups in one convenient package!

    Hope you have a relaxing Sunday,


  8. So glad to hear that you are drinking more water, you actually got a REAL nap, and you had a date time with Squirt. I'm sure you needed the time with her as much as she needed it with you!

    Your #13 made me blush just a little...but I really am glad to hear that you are getting something out of it and I so appreciate you being willing to help me.

    I am with you on the friends coming over thing too. I am going to try to make arrangements for that to happen several times this week so that the week will fly by. But I agree about the food being depleted when they're gone!

    I hope this coming week you are able to make time for some resting and maybe even get another nap in.


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