Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I sneak these posts in while the girls do their school or on the lap top while they play outside. Sadly, that means I never get to the email because when I have time to get to it, there is always someone else on the computer that has the email doing homework or paying bills or something else.

Poor Bella doesn't have any riding toys. Peanut loves the Little Tykes car and Bright Eyes has an ancient riding toy that she likes to zoom around on, but there is nothing for Bella. So yesterday I thought I would let her try a scooter. She loved it, but because these girls are very much "monkey see monkey do", Bright Eyes decided to have a tantrum so she could have a scooter too. Eventually, when she calmed down, I gave her one, and of course Peanut too.

They loved them! They wiped out about a hundred times, but shockingly not even a skinned knee! Regardless, helmets are big time on the shopping list for the weekend.

Today it is dark and wet out, so I think we'll be spending most of the day in the basement. I may have to resort to a movie or two for the girls :oS. We're also going to my friend S's house to get studio portraits done of the girls, so that will be a good diversion too. Hopefully Bright Eyes breaks out of the pattern she is in at the moment, or we will not have very much fun. Oh well, lots of learning for all of us!



  1. Aww! I love simple photos that you can catch, as they're having fun! Wow, I'm amazed at what you can schedule and plan... and I'm so glad you find time to post! My siblings and I are also going to get some Summer pictures taken soon. Can't wait to see them, if you wish to post them... Then maybe you could add them to your header.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family!


  2. Hope you will share the new pics! Scooters are fun, our children love riding them, although here at this house, we just have the front porch to use for that. In our old house, we had a huge paved driveway...

    It was a dark day, although we saw the sun this afternoon, but now a storm is coming up. I do hope we get some more rain, the garden needs it. :)

    Blessings and sweet dreams!


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