Monday, June 20, 2011

Eagle Eyes

The Engineer left for work today. So far we've gotten dressed brushed teeth, done hair (the girls not me. Mine looks like I rolled out of bed). We did some school, swung on the swings, blew bubbles, played with sidewalk chalk, and had lunch. In there I've refereed at least a dozen fights and rarely been more than ten feet away from them. I am sure they think I have the eyes of a Philippine eagle! I am learning that I will not get much done -- at least for now, but that is okay (most of the time). I wouldn't even be blogging right now if it weren't for the lap top.

I think Bella is bored. She is more at the same level with Squirt. Once her English explodes, she'll be a force to recon with :o). I think the documentation we received about the girls underestimated them. Or rather, perhaps it was the fact that when we finally met them, it had been over a year since that report had been written. Kids -- even in an orphanage -- can change a LOT in a year. Already, we are seeing strengths and gifts in these little girls.

Their eating habits are not as hard to deal with as I first thought. That is, provided you're willing to forgo vegetables and eat peanut butter sandwiches, grilled cheese, hamburgers, hot dogs, spaghetti, lasagne, cold cereal, oatmeal, fish, and of course rice, oh and corn! The thing I love is that they drink tobig (water) like there's no tomorrow. They already did in the orphanage. Our older kids do too. So happily, we're not going through gallons of juice or milk.

The weather is gorgeous these past couple of days! They're no longer asking to wear jackets and even ran through the hose with their sisters on Saturday. Our oldest and two youngest though, don't tolerate the cold water too well. Peach knows when to quit, but Bright Eyes and Peanut were shaking like a leaf and still wouldn't get out. Silly girls!

Oh, and if any of you like to buy stocks, I suggest you buy shares in peanut butter, toilet paper, and in a few years, ahem, feminine hygiene products (sorry all you men that actually read this blog). I'm already scouring the flyers for sales now ;o)!



  1. I'm happy to hear that you can get so much done! It's incredible... Hopefully the fights are less often. Are you finding a routine yet? Happy to hear all this news. I check your blog every day!


  2. Lovely to read an update on how life is going. Sounds like the girls are adjusting well to their new forever family. I'm sure your days are filled to overflowing. :)

    Happy shopping! :)

  3. You are too funny! The Engineer may want to build him a man cave for when B goes to college and it's just one man in the house. There will certainly be days when he is going to need an escape from all the hormones!!

  4. Knowing you, you'll find a way to sneak some veggies in!


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