Thursday, May 5, 2011

Winning the War on Warts

Squirt has been suffering from a wart epidemic. She has/had a gigantic one on her thumb and various assorted sizes of these little viral bumps on almost all her fingers. We've been going to the doctor for them since January. Because she is so young, the doctor started her on a lighter strength remover (heavier than OTC ones, but not too strong). After five rounds of treatment, hardly a dent had been made in getting rid of them, so he upped the dose.

Success!! After one round, some are literally gone and the huge one on her thumb is half the size. She's much happier about the strong stuff too because she doesn't have to wear packaging tape (see photo here) or band aids on any of her fingers anymore and therefore attract attention to her yucky fingers.

Her Mama is happy because it means the virus is out of the house and hopefully the Wee Three will not be the recipient of warts like all four of their older siblings.

It's a good thing :o)!


  1. I wonder why kids get warts? I had them in HS and my daughter has one on her foot. Congrats on your success getting rid of them--what a relief!

  2. Hurray!

    Gunnar has a "colony" on one of his knees that we're battling. What was it that worked for Squirt?


  3. Victory! Our Jenny had a wart on her foot when she was very little. She named it after her pediatrician. That summer we had a hot little vacation at Grandpa's and she ran around the pool deck for a few days. One night she shouted from bed, "Dr. Bob fell off!" We all rejoiced!


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