Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In Which I Actually Have Internet Again (For Now)

I thought I'd do another Brain Dump as my time at the computer is quite limited these days....

1} My weekend posts are typically scheduled to publish. I tend not to look at a computer all weekend. I like it that way. The only problem is, I get way behind on my favorite blogs -- especially when GEMS is still in session.

2} We've had sketchy internet for about a week. Between very high winds, rain, and fog, the fact that our receiver is only attached to our house, and our tv tower which it normally goes on is still lying on its side, it's surprising our connection is as good as it is. So,  we are not complaining because we're actually very impressed with the fact that our reception is pretty good -- most of the time.

3} I've had a ridiculous craving for chocolate mint anything. Normally I do not like mint, but for some reason, lately chocolate mint tickles my taste buds. Actually make that anything with fat and sugar. My dreams of being sleek and svelte while in the Philippines are exactly that! I haven't exercised in -- well I can't remember the last time. I'd go on more walks, but you've heard my thoughts on spring.

4}Speaking of exercising, I'm pretty sure I have no excuse anymore. I think there is power in our new workout room. We haven't quite figured out which room is our new workout room. What's more alluring? Windows in the craft/sewing room or in the workout/Wii room?

5}I ADORE our new bedroom. Or should I say master suite. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would have a room so private and comfortable. I hide in there a lot ;o).

6} Until about noon, whenever the phone rings, I jump. After noon, it doesn't phase me. The reason is that the PI is 12 hours ahead, so any approvals to travel will be at our adoption agent's office when she arrives in the am.

7} My parents are in Holland for two weeks. I won't give details when, but it does throw a bit of a monkey wrench in things for us if we get The Call. On the other hand, Murray is off to Houston again shortly, so we have to hear something before noon today in order for him to change his plans. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm glad we didn't hear today.

8} My friend Annesta and her daughter are coming to visit this weekend! I am over the moon with excitement about this! We met through the wonderful world of blogging. She is one of my amazing prayer warrior friends and a dear sister in Christ. I can hardly wait until Saturday!!

9} I make my children make their own lunches in the morning. In the fall, they all got plastic lunch containers. Since then several have been lost, and found, and lost again. Bub (yes, the high school student) is the worst for losing lunch containers. The girls are down to rotating a lunch baggie containing one of their snacks through the three of them. Almost every day as I am puttering away at something, I will hear one of the girls say. It's my turn to take the baggie today. As I'm writing this, I'm wondering if it is the same baggie every day...

10} Maverick ate a portable phone today. I couldn't figure out where the ringing was coming from this afternoon ;oD! He really did chew a phone to bits though. We can hardly wait to put in his invisible fence. I love my dog, but I've concluded I'm just not a dog in the house all day kind of person. He drives me to drink -- multiple cups of coffee!

11} I do not understand why my fellow Canadians think shopping across the border is so awesome. My American friends, there are plenty of things I love about your country, but shopping is not one of them. We did not find amazing deals, nor did we find anything on our, oh-you-can-find-that-in-the-States list. However, you won't miss us because there are plenty of other Canadians going over regularly. I get great deals here thankyouverymuch. I did find a travel mug I adore though.

12} I painted the Wee Three's room. After moving our bed downstairs, I noticed how badly the walls needed freshening. It now has the palest of pink ceilings and lovely green walls. That brings the total number of green walls in our house up to seven. They're all different greens too. Scary ;o)!

13} I am hoping the electricians come tomorrow. I want to bake in my new oven(s).

14} Our contractor recommended us getting a closet designer in for our walk in closet and our linen closet. He is awesome!! Reasonably priced, efficient, and timely. His installation time is incredible too. He was in and out in ninety minutes or less. We're getting him to do another closet (which will be my pantry). Can't wait to move the rest of our stuff in there!

15} Rhubarb season is beginning. I am thinking about making a pie. (See #13).

16} I have lots and lots of organizing, purging, sorting, and cleaning to do. I hope tomorrow is a productive day. My reward for a job well done will be coffee out with two of my homies ;o). (Fellow, current and former homeschooling moms). Can't wait! Love those ladies!!

Wishing you all a good week and a good night!


  1. Oh Maverick! I no longer have a family room rug thanks to our basenji mix. Who'd have thought chewing up a rug (that I loved!) would be so delightful? I can't imagine a phone though.

    I have heard on our national news that many Canadians are coming across the border to purchase gas because it's cheaper than Canada's prices.

  2. It sounds like you're getting a lot done! That's awesome! I pray for your family daily! Hoping THE CALL comes soon, and it has the best timing possible! Thanks for writing! :)

    ~Michlyn Fisher

  3. oh rhubarb pie, I am thinking that sounds like a plan, not this week but soon!

  4. I love your brain dumps :D

    And regarding which room? The craft/sewing room DEFINITELY needs the windows. No contest. ;D

    I'm waiting on pins and needles to hear when you get The Call.


  5. I just had to laugh at your maverick story! It reminded me of the movie marley and me. If you haven't seen it, please do.
    You have so much going on! We are very excited too about seeing you this weekend.

  6. I love your spring pic! I think you should do the windows for your craft room :) I hope you'll give us a virtual tour of your lovely new rooms! Blessings to you in this period of waiting!!

  7. Right there with ya about the morning and hearing from our agency. Also the sweet tooth is getting to me. Do you think it's the stress of NOT hearing day after day? I've even avoided blogging all week because I just didn't want to type no news. Here's praying we both hear something next week!!!

  8. ... and our coffee time was waaaaaay too short, but I am happy to take any time with you I can get!

    xo k


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