Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Giveaway

To say that things around here have been a little stressful lately, might just be an understatement. We are getting exhausted from waiting for one little phone call. We know it's eminent -- eventually, but waiting for nine months after having the photo of your adopted children is just little ridiculous!

The house addition/renovation is almost complete, so it's time for a new diversion. I'm having a giveaway. It's just a wee one and will be really short.

Not one, but two of you will win one of these deliciously scented candles crafted locally in our very little town. One scent is very edible -- Baking Cookies with Nana and the other fresh and delicate -- Flannel Sheets.

 (Something smelled edible, so thus the inevitable dog nose in the photo!)

I love them both!

Choose which scent you would like and leave me a comment with your (blog and/or email address so I can reach you!) between now and 10pm Friday, May 13 and you just may be the happy winner of  one of  these candles. There will be a few other surprises in your package too, but they will be surprises :o).

Names will be drawn through a random sort program and the winner will be announced on Saturday morning. Have fun!!


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry that the waiting is so stressful. Maybe it means that the call is coming very soon! The candles look delish!

  2. ohh, they sound like they smell heavenly... have a great week now that spring is finally in full swing!

  3. I know how that feels, even though we were very blessed and only had to wait 6 months. Praying for that special phone call to come soon, but one thing that we learned (hard to accept sometimes) is that God has his own schedule. He knows exactly what time that phone call will come, and it will be perfect timing, because it's HIS timing. (even if it's not when you want)
    Have a wonderful day! Glad to hear that your renovations are almost complete! :)


  4. I suppose the plus side to it is that your home is now finished....just waiting to be completely filled! :)

    Those sprinkles are adorable, and maybe if I had that smell wafting through the house I wouldn't need to actually BAKE--ha!

    Praying for your phone call!

  5. Waiting on pins and needles for your news!

    Mmmm, baking cookies... :D


  6. Baking cookies with nana sounds just perfect! And your home is lovely! You have done an amazing job with the renovation and pulling all the colors together and making great living space for your family.
    Can't wait to see pictures of the wee three with all the sister and the brother together.
    Rest awhile....don't work too much!

  7. I'm still praying that your telephone rings ASAP. Those little girls have waited too long to be part of your family. They are sooo sweet. It will be love at first sight!!
    I'm glad that your renovations are almost complete. That would be another big stress off of your plate.
    Hopefully the call will come tomorrow. Our call came on Feb. 11. Hopefully yours will come May 11. My fingers are crossed!

  8. I can't even imagine how hard it must be to wait for that call. God's perfect timing though...I will be praying hang in there!! Please enter me in the giveaway ~Thanks Love Heather

  9. A baking cookies candle sounds like just the ticket. =)
    I am sorry you are stressed, but you do have good reason. You are in my prayers.

  10. I'm sure waiting for that long await phone call would be stressful, each time the phone rings you must be wondering if this is the one! Glad to hear your house renovations are almost done, that can be stresful too. ((hugs))

    Please enter me in your giveaway!!


  11. What fun! Either scent sounds fabulous! The baking cookies one sounds yum!

    I'm thinking of you!


  12. Oooh... I want my house to smell like freshed baked cookies - yum!! (even though my Nana doesn't bake anymmore). I understand the frustration of waiting...right there with ya!!! Hope your call (and ours) comes soon.

  13. I can already smell the aromas of either of those sweet candles.

    Prayers for the call to happen soon so you all can spend a happy summer together!


  14. I just added you to my prayer sheet next to the computer. My friend has adopted twice and I know how hard it is waiting for that call!

    So, which son is the artistic one? I will probably figure it out when I read through your back posts?

    I would love for my house to smell like flannel sheets. I'm not sure what they smell like but I bake plenty so the house often smells like cookies...

    Blessings, Debbie

  15. We should never be amazed of how He works and specifically how He uses prayer in our lives. The Lord has made impressions in my day to pray for you. I love it...there it is...your name and a strong urge to pray for you and what concerns you. Only He truly knows how HE will answer.

    I have been wanting to email you and encourage you, so we can praise his glorious name together!

  16. Deborah,
    The above message is from me, not Rose. I have not taught her to sign out and I certainly have not taught myself to check!

  17. Baking Cookies with Nana sounds wonderful! I'm glad you'll have a proper kitchen again! Temporary ones are so hard!


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