Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My friend Julie at Herding Grasshoppers would call this a brain dump. I have to agree :o).

1} Blogging is not on my list of priorities these days. In fact there is nothing on my list of priorities these days, but to make it through to the next day. Hence the lag in posting.

2} I now have four sewing projects awaiting completion -- if you don't count the quilt I started last year and never finished. Machine free quilting (that's where you quilt willy nilly) gives me the heebies! I am too much of a perfectionist to even dare attempt it, so until I let go of my perfectionistic tendencies or figure out another way to quilt it, there it sits.

3} Another season of GEMS is complete. I adore being a GEMS counselor! I loved working with A, and I loved our group of grade five girls! They have the uncanny ability to make me smile.

4} THE CALL could actually come any day now. It's amazing to think that we are so close now.

5} The funny thing is, now that we're in the final stretch of waiting, I am hoping that THE CALL doesn't come for at least another week or so. We need to have this house finished! It is so close!

6} Regarding the house. As our contractor figured would happen, the kitchen is not ready for installation yet. To say he was perturbed is likely an understatement.

7} On the upside, the flooring is almost all in now. I am actually going to have carpeting on my stairs going to the basement. Finally! I've only been waiting for almost two years now.

8} I think the flooring guys tried out for that movie Grumpy Old Men. (I sure hope they don't read my blog :oD)! They think I'm not in ear shot and you should hear the muttering and sighing going on -- never mind the sailor talk. Oh my!

9} I am trying to find two white eyelet dresses for our Wee Three. I have one for Bella already, but do you think I can find any anywhere for Bright Eyes and Peanut? I am not in the mood to try and sew  yet. I have a couple of other places to check, but I am not willing to pay a lot of money. I really wish I hadn't missed Costco's dresses this year, but maybe there weren't  any white ones anyways.

10} Our house is a complete and utter disorganized mess! I am hoping that by this evening that I can start putting some things back together again since the flooring is now down. Too bad The Engineer is in Houston yet again this week. I can't move most of the furniture by myself. Hopefully Bub's muscles are getting bigger :oD!

11} I love early mornings! I was up before the sun this morning. Since The Engineer is gone, I had to drive Bub to rowing practice at 5:30 am. I love listening to the birds and watching the sky turn from black, to deep navy, to blue (or grey in today's case). It didn't get sunny (yet) today, but the clouds were broken enough to the southeast to see that the sun was rising.

12} I am afraid I am becoming addicted to coffee. I could drink at least four cups a day and not feel jittery like I used to on one cup. It doesn't help that I am pretty much banned to the basement while the tradesmen all work like crazy throughout the rest of the house. Coffee and I are good friends :o).

13} Even poor Maverick is feeling out of sorts. He hasn't even done his morning business yet today. We can't get up the stairs however, and I'm pretty sure I can't convince him to climb out a window :o0. I'm glad he's good at holding it! Me on the other hand.......... Let's just say I'm glad I only had two cups of coffee today (so far).

14} I have decided that here in Ontario there are only three seasons. We do not have spring! That is a ruse! The temperature this time of year is usually very chilly. I'm talking still winter coat chilly. Or it's so warm everyone puts on shorts and T-shirts because they're sweating. I despise spring. Yes, the flowers are beautiful, but that's about the only thing I like about spring -- ahem, the end of winter.

15} I'm thinking I should be reading the final few books on my adoption reading book list, but I am adoption reading outed.(Horrible grammar, I know).  I'm currently reading A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I'm thinking it would be a fantastic read aloud for the girls this summer. I am very much enjoying it!

16} We still don't know what we're doing about schooling next year regarding the three older girls. It seems crazy to only send Peach, but she is determined to go to grade eight so she can graduate with her class. I think she likes the idea of a pretty graduation dress. Beans on the other hand will happily stay home, and Squirt is still sitting on the fence. I am so torn. I think if we send Peach, the other two should go too. It would allow me to focus solely on the three little girls as they will have lots of catching up to do. Aaaargh! We will have to spend more time praying about this one!

17} Lately, I have been mulling over privatizing this blog. I began it as a way to journal the day to day happenings in our home because I was tired of just putting pen to paper, but it's become so much more than that. I have met some awesomely wonderful friends through the world of blogging. I am so blessed by them. I love visiting their blogs and sharing with them. Unfortunately, there is the niggling side in my brain that has some other thoughts about blogging publicly.

18} In relation to #17, I am thinking that I will not blog our trip to the PI until we return home with our daughters. I'm not sure what the policy is on how public I can make that part anyways, so perhaps it's better to keep it private initially. I'm still mulling. I bought a pretty pink leather bound journal on clearance (I can hardly wait to use it!) to record the details of our trip.

19} Finally, what's a blog post without at least one photo, so here is Squirt having tea this past summer. I'm not fond of the bright pink hat, but you do what you have to to get your child to let you take their photo :o).



  1. Stopping by from Julie's blog. Your pictures are lovely.

  2. That's a lovely picture :D I'm on pins and needles about The Call for you!

    If you go private, please invite me :D


  3. A brain dump--I like that! So good to get it all out. I keep a section of my blog private, where I write things more journal/diary style. i love the format of a blog but of course have so many things I certainly don't want public! I understand your conflict. And, of course, you KNOW i feel your pain about spring time :)

  4. Deb-- just to put your mind at ease... out Costco did not have a single white dress this spring-- not one! So hopefully you missed nothing fabulous there and can now rest easy in whatever you DO find for your llovely darlings to wear!

    So glad to hear that the house is almost finished, and so glad to hear that you actually enjoy the 5:30 am hour!! I'm struggling to exercise at that time of the day, and boy oh boy, is it tough! Perhaps I need to listen more for the bird-song... that truly is a gift in and of itself!

    OK-- off to prepare dinner... just wanted to stop by on my way to the kitchen! And, per usual... so glad I did :) Happy Tuesday!

  5. There is a lot on your mind, isn't there? You are in my prayers as you navigate all these things....from the every day to the miraculous. You and your family are precious. Grace and peace to you, dear Deborah. ~Leslie in tx

  6. Loved your post today. Some days I feel like doing a post like that too!

    I will pray that you will get the time to finish everything with the house before getting The Call. :-)

    And I totally understand the private blog thing. I started with a private blog and eventually made it public (after maybe one year or so...) If you decide to go private, I'd like to keep in touch for sure!

  7. Beautiful Picture!! Love your precious family ~Good luck with all your projects... I will be praying ~Love Heather

  8. My sweet friend,
    I read through your list and realized I was holding my breath! You have so much going on...it may seem random to you but wow, how do you do it all?
    I will be praying with you regarding the school issue. I tend to lean towards your older girls going to school while you home school the younger three. Althought there is something to be said for the older ones helpinhg the younger ones and bonding in the process. Praying about that!
    I think it would be absolutely amazing if you and the Engineer were off to get your girls over mother's day! I would miss out on meeting you all but what a beautiful time to meet your sweet wee ones!!
    Praying for that time...God has it all under control!

  9. I love that picture!! And all of your thoughts, wow, lots going on.
    But good news....Kmart has white eyelet dresses for $8! They are spaghetti straps, but maybe with a tshirt underneath? Here's the link: http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_049B027250890001P?vName=Clothing&keyword=white+eyelet+dress&autoRedirect=true&prop17=

    There are white eyelet dresses at the Gap too, but then its much more expensive. Old Navy has them too, but only in adult size.

    I would love an invite to keep reading if you ever decide to go private :)


  10. Hi Crystal! Thank you for stopping by :o).

    No worries on the private sector. I will be sure to invite all of you!

    Emily, thank you so much for the scoop! Maybe I can convince Murray to pop over to the U.S. on Saturday. Oth border crossing might be crazy since it's Easter weekend. Hmmmm....

    Blessings y'all!

  11. I am soooo excited that you guys are soon going to be on your way to your beautiful girls!!! Believe me, you will never be completely ready for your girls to come so I hope you get the call today or tomorrow. When we got the call we spent the next 5 days furiously cleaning, painting, safety proofing etc. It was CRAZY!!!!
    I can't wait to hear all about your trip over and back and of course to see tons of your beautiful photos. The girls are going to love it here in Canada. Rafael certainly does!!
    We don't have a spring either. Just 6 weeks of summer, fall and a LONG winter. Gotta love it!!!

  12. I think she looks lovely in the pink hat! I can't imagine being banished to the basement with construction work still going on. Just keep your eye on the beauty of the finished result. :)


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