Wednesday, April 20, 2011


All our new flooring is in and it looks lovely.



 Master suite.

 Kitchen/dining/family room.

In the photos I notice that everything has a yellowish tinge. It's what happens when you take them at night and use lousy lighting (because your real lighting is not in quite yet) and you're too lazy to edit in RAW. None of the floors are yellowish in real life.Really.

Is is okay to say I can't wait to wash the washable ones!?



  1. I like washing washable ones, too!
    Your new floors are perfect for the coming of little brown feet. I love the rocking chair in the master suite. That will give you a sweet chance to pat little backs and sing sweet somethings into lovely ears.

  2. New floors... ahhh! Can you hear the tang of jealousy in my voice??!

    They're lovely, Deb, and I couldn't be happier for you-- looks like things really are coming together, and before your precious wee-three come home for good! God's timing really is perfect, isn't it??!

  3. there is not abit of jealousy here, there is a lot! They look great.

  4. Awesome! That's a big step toward finishing :D


  5. Very exciting! Don't you just love the look of a room that is all cleaned out and you get to imagine all your furniture here and there??


  6. Yea for flooring!! One major step forward for you all! I love that new-floor smell, too :)

  7. Love your floors! And yes, you need intensive counseling for you OCD tendencies of wanting to clean your new floors! LOL With your beautiful mega family, you will have plenty of opportunities to clean those lovely floors...soon!
    May your weekend be filled with much joy and peace.

  8. Beautiful! What a great feeling it must be to have your floors in--they're so fundamental.

    Easter blessings!


  9. How fresh your house must smell with all the newness! I can remember the smell of new carpet especially. All your floors look wonderful.. scrub, vacuum, whatever it takes, to your heart's content!

  10. So exciting!!!! I'm really happy for you! They look really fresh and pretty and great!


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