Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Typical Tuesday?

While the last vestiges of darkness let go of their grip on the sunrise, our home is already in full tilt. The Engineer has already left for work and the lone Boy is packing his lunch for his second day of work. He likes his job -- even if it is simply tagging pots in a hoop house. It's the pay at the end of the week that makes it worth it. He already has plans for the money he worked hard to earn.

I drive him and two neighbouring young people to work. As I'm on my way home, I watch the sun burst into life above the lingering nighttime clouds. In a word. Glorious! I realize that I am still very much a morning person. I sip my coffee and admire the quiet beauty.

Very soon the quietness of little girls sleepily eating cold cereal for breakfast and me folding yesterdays remaining wash loads will be destroyed by the construction trades descending on our home to get another all in a days work completed. Almost all the drywall is up and ready to be taped.

Bad wiring is discovered resulting in our electricians spending far more time on our lighting than originally planned.

This is bad. Very bad! (No, our electricians did not do it nor did the Engineer)!

Making repairs while one little girl watches in fascination. We're not sure, but we're thinking she is planning a career as an electrician.

New windows are going in.

Meanwhile since its cold in the house anyway, the girls decide its time to convince spring it should be here and they go out to play a rousing game of croquet....... in the snow.

Yes those are horses on her boots. Her Momma bought those for our horse girl in a moment of weakness :o). I love 'em!!

Me? I've turned into an ice cube. I'm quit glad not all Tuesdays are like this, but it is very fun to see our house take shape! So glad we're going out for my birthday for supper tonight with my family though! (You don't want to see the mess everywhere)!

Trusting you're all warmer than I :o)!


  1. Love the kids lying around while the workers get things done all around them!

    The sunrise photo is amazing!

  2. Oh I saw that snuck in there A very Happy Birthday to you!!~ Praying for you as you go through your house being all torn apart. It is exciting though!! It is quite warm here today in the 80's and sunny I will try and push some of it your way ~Wishing you a warm & sunny week Love Heather

  3. Beautiful pictures and I just saw your post from yesterday!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. Hurray for progress! And hurray that they found the bad wiring, though it's a pain in the heinie.

    Sometimes the thought of college makes me shudder and I think that maybe I'll send all three boys to tech school. I want a plumber, and electrician, and a contractor. Or one of them could be a mechanic. That's always good, too!

    Stay warm,


  5. Man, you got a lot goin' on 'round there. Yes, I'm totally warmer than you.

  6. Hope you had a happy birthday! Even though I know I get more done in the mornings, I need to start enjoying it more. Perhaps lovely views of the sunrise, like your first gorgeous photo, would be something of an inspiration. Stay warm - I do believe spring IS on the way!

  7. You have a much better frame of mind than I would about all that construction! :) Have a happy birthday!

  8. Hope you enjoyed the birthday dinner. Love the winter game of croquet. Good luck on the house!!!

  9. Snow croquet! My boys would love that, especially if there were actually ever enough snow here to play it.

    You're very cheerful about all the construction. I would like to have some remodeling done on my house, but it may take several years to psychologically prepare myself for it!


  10. I LOVE that first shot - absolutely stunning!!

    Looks like a great day, all the way around. That's hilarious that the girls are playing croquet in the snow. New windows are a very good thing. They certainly help keep the house better insulated year round.

  11. That is a gorgeous sunrise picture!!!! I am so not a morning person ;)

  12. A very beautiful post of what is going on in your life and how your new addition is coming along.
    Wishing warm thoughts for you!


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