Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quilt Number Three

I have finished the final quilt for our Wee Three. This was an interesting quilt to make. The middle section is from pieces already sewn together into (not exactly proportionate) lengths that I found at a thrift store. I loved the colours, so I couldn't resist bringing them home. Along with those pieces were several larger pieces that I used to trim around the center blocks. The quilt is finished with a favorite piece of flannel that pulls all the colours of the quilt together, and the back is two leftover pieces of flannel that I bought at some time or another.

Who says thrifting can't be fun and creative :o)? Is anyone else working on hand crafts these days? I'd love to hear about them!



  1. Oh, the girls will love the cozy quilts their mama made for them. I'm just plugging away at my knitting.

  2. Just lovely! You are truly giving your girls a gift that will allow them to wrap themselves up in mamma's love!

  3. That is one beautiful quilt! You know what I think I love best about it? Even from the pictures, I can tell it's super soft and "well loved" already. Some quilts, when newly made, are sort of stiff. Know what I mean? So pretty!

    I know your little one will love it so much!


  4. Beautiful job!! I wish that I was into quilting but so far I'm just into scrapbooking. Right now I'm too busy chasing my little monkey to do much of anything. I'm sure the girls will love the quilts and they will need them for sure considering it will be a little cooler than they are used to once they come home.

  5. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I'm sure the girls will love their quilts...what an awesome mom you are! :-)

  6. Deborah,
    Your hand made quilt is a treasure and your wee three will feel so warm and cozy wrapped up against the cold days where you life.
    Wish I was handcrafting something but no...

  7. Beth is right - it already looks soft and snuggly.

    Well done ;D


  8. Beautiful Just Beautiful ~Love it!!! ...Love Heather

  9. OK, you are seriously making me want to start quilting again. I've been considering getting rid of our seldom-used sofa in the sunroom and putting in a craft/sewing table, which would get a lot more use. I think you are swaying me more that way. :)

  10. Such a sweet quilt. You are just so full of energy these days! Where did you get it? =)

  11. It's so pretty! I know the recipient will treasure it. I hope to get back to making some rag quilts this summer. I just don't have time now. Our basenji mix ate (literally) our family room rug, so I want to make a rag quilt to go in its place (the cocktail table sits on it) with some fabric I already have. Cheaper option than buying another rug!


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