Monday, March 21, 2011

1000 Gifts

Some days I just feel grumpy. Coming off of spring break here and seeing and hearing everywhere of people's travels to warmer climes had me feeling a little jealous. Wouldn't it be nice to be rich, I thought to myself. After hashing it around in my brain for awhile, I realized that even if we had crazy money at our disposal, we likely wouldn't go to some resort or on a spendy vacation. Yes, we like the break, we like the heat and sunshine, and yes, we've gone away on some neat vacations (with a little help from the Engineer's work) and some thriftiness on our part. Thinking about it further, I also realized that as many or more folks stayed home and have never even been out of our province. We've already been blessed to travel far more than I'd ever dreamed of. It's one of those things that again boils down to priorities. Our children, home,  and church and Christian worldview are our priorities. So after giving myself a little slap upside the head I am reminding myself once again of how blessed my family is by continuing my list. Simple joys. Simple gifts. Isn't it true that the best gifts are the simple gifts?

A new letter to read from one of our Compassion children. She has such a beautiful heart!

Coffee. I so need it today.

Dog funnies. Mavy finds some very ridiculous ways to amuse himself.

Robin morning song.

The call of the red wing blackbirds.

The pip of the tundra swans flying overhead.

First laundry of 2011 drying on the line. I love my clothesline.

Time with just my baby girl and I.

Medicals being done for our Wee Three. Praying all went well!

Successful flooring shopping. We almost have it narrowed down. Paint colours on the other hand....

Morning light casting shadows and bright patches.

Reading to our youngest.

Rocking with the youngest in the rocking chair that is awaiting the Wee Three's arrival.

Homeopathic options for migraine prevention.

A much needed Sunday afternoon nap!

The hum of the space heater in the addition's basement.

Sunshine -- lots of sunshine!

Mild weather. Hooray for no woolies!

Melting snow.
Photography project completed.

Round two of drywall mudding.

***Giving thanks for God's gifts to us: #'s 1091 - 1111.

To become a part of the gratitude community, visit Holy Experience.


  1. Beautiful list, Deborah! We stayed home for March Break too... enjoyed some quiet, relaxation & togetherness right here at home.

  2. Love your list...and just LOVE the picture....sunshine...yes, sunshine!

    Praying for those medicals, friend!

  3. Hi Deborah! What a lovely picture of the sun shining!
    I like what my friend Sue calls staying at home: staycation. Love it!

  4. This is a great list! Letters from Compassion always make the day extra special!

  5. You, grumpy??? I don't believe it! LOL! I love your transparency. I love the way you put yourself out there and share real feelings and real honest responses. Thank you for that!
    Love your list...all the beautiful birds...we have had some robins feed at our birdfeeder.
    Praying for your wee ones!

  6. Lol! Yes, Annesta. I can be very grumpy. Just ask Murray at supper on Thursday night :o).

    Blessings, dear friend!


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