Friday, March 18, 2011

March Break

It's been quite a nice March break weather wise. Above freezing all week and even quite a bit of sunshine. Melt snow melt!!  My cold is all but gone. The children are happily occupying themselves...

This morning's gloriousness!!

Making mudpies. Perfect thing to do around our place these days :o)!

Trying to find killdeer and getting a closer look at the tundra swans flying over.

with the occasional argument in between...

The resident hound hanging around living a life of spoiled leisure ;o).

and I am plumb tired. The waiting, the changes, the busyness of life is wearing me out. So I have to confess that it was soooo good to sleep in today. No one had to be anywhere, and a great big thank you to our contractor and his guys for having another house to finish up before the weekend. Although we know having anywhere from 2-6 men working here at any given time means progress, it was nice to have a day with just the kids and I. We could be sloths and sloooowly begin our day today. Coffee (for me only :o)), devotions, another chapter of 1000 Gifts and another one of Jane Eyre too. A leisurely breakfast of apple pancakes.

Lots of sorting and purging -- and lots to go. I'm determined to have the entirety of this house sorted, organized and purged before our Wee Three arrive. Since the wait continues to be extended, I just might achieve that goal!

Right now we're feeling a tad displaced in our home. There is drywall dust everywhere -- only a very fine layer of it, but enough to make things feel icky -- and almost nowhere to sit, but in the basement or at the dining room table. This too shall pass though because guess what?!? I have to start picking paint colours....

and flooring...

and lights!!

I have the paint colours for our kitchen/dining/mudroom, the great room (it will also double as our natural light studio -- so excited!!), and our music/reading room chosen. Two of the three children's rooms need to be painted because their windows were removed or moved and I'm making it simple as they're ALL getting a lovely cream colour. We'll accent with other colours and things to suit their personalities and likes. We still have to pick some colours for some other rooms too. I have until Wednesday. Yikes!! Will I be able to decide :o)?

Wishing you all have a happy and productive day.


  1. Looks like a great week! I've never had apple pancakes before. They sound yummy!

  2. Sounds wonderful ...all of it!! I am so excited for you!! I have always wanted to adopt, I am not sure that will ever happen for my so it is a privilege to pray for your family ~Have a wonderful weekend Glad your feeling better ~Love Heather

  3. I love picking paint colours! We re-painted two of our bathrooms this week.

  4. Oh picking paint colors is so much fun! Glad to hear progress is happening...its hard having the house in transition! And I am so excited for you about the natural light studio you're planning!!!!!!!!!! I would love to have a space big enough in my house to do the same!


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