Friday, March 4, 2011

Because I Need Another Project.

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to beautiful. ~ William Morris
I'm taking on another project, but not one of the crafty sort. For the next five weeks, I'm joining Tsh Oxenreider at Simple Mom. I am participating in Project Simplify. I just finished reading her book which I absolutely LOVED! (Book review to come), and am looking forward to getting started on making my home a place to truly enjoy.

I might be a little difficult, considering next week the construction begins to move indoors, but I am choosing to be up to the challenge!

What is Project Simplify? It is a a fun way to get organized and simplify our homes.

" For five weeks, we’ll work together and tackle different areas of our homes. Be encouraged and inspired, knowing that there are other families around the world rolling up their sleeves and working alongside you! " ~Tsh Oxenreider

There's a bit of homework this weekend, which we actually started yesterday already.(Hooray for us being a little ahead of the game for once)!  Hopefully tomorrow will have our family's purpose statement all written out. I can't wait to get started on Monday's first project! Is anyone else in with me?


  1. My house is more simplified than it has ever been since we have put it up for sale. It has been really easy to maintain which has had me wracking my brain trying to figure out WHY this is the case after many failed attempts in the past. I think I've figured it out. My whole family is on board. In the past, my family just humored me, but this time everyone is participating in keeping it this way. It makes all the difference.

  2. I want to get a copy of that book too. I'll wait to read your review first! ;-)

    Do you know that Tsh Oxenreider is going to the Philippines as a Compassion Blogger in May? I am eagerly awaiting this trip... I want to learn all about Compassion's work in the Philippines!

  3. I like the sound of Project Simplify! I must wait until summer to start sending things out of the house.

  4. Sounds like a great idea! I thought about getting her book too. I'll look forward to your review!

    Good Luck!


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