Sunday, February 27, 2011


This morning while getting ready for church we heard tears -- not the kind when the children fight, but the I'm hurt and frightened kind. Beans came down with her hand covered in blood as well as the back of her head. She and Squirt had been playing (as is very common) instead of getting ready for church and Beans ended up smacking the back of her head on the bunk bed.

Long story short, I took her to the emergency room where she had a fantastic attending nurse and doctor. They both made her smile. She had two staples put in, we stopped at Timmies to get her a lemon raspberry doughnut and were back home again within the hour. It's only now that she's saying that her head hurts a little. I adore our neighbouring small town's emergency room!

Hopefully your Sunday started out a little more quietly than ours :o)!


  1. Oh, it's so very nice to see you back in bloggy world again. Selfishly, of course, since we are leaving any day for the village, I just wanted to reconnect one more time before we left!

    Glad to see that two staples and a donut were all it took to restore some smiles :-)

  2. Oh, poor sweet little Beans!! I am so sorry but so greatful that it was just a minor emergency. Getting in and out in an hour is amazing!!
    Yes, our Sunday was very quiet compared to yours!
    Hope she is back to her usual bouncy self soon.

  3. Oh poor BEANS! I'm glad she's okay!

  4. Oh no...hope she feels better soon!! ~Love Heather

  5. Ohhh, poor Beans!
    A Momma knows those cries so well!
    We will pray for her at bed time tonight!

    Love to you all,
    K and Gang

  6. Ouch!!! Poor Bean's knoggin. I hope all heals well quickly. That lemon raspberry donut sounds like Just The Thing.

  7. Ouch. Poor thing. I didn't know there were raspberry lemons doughnuts at Tims--might have to use my free doughnut tab for that! (Yes, I actually won on my first try.) And I agree about the small hospital--Pete took Claire there last Sat. and when I called him to see how long the wait was, he was already driving home, chest infection diagnosed and script in hand!

  8. So glad you are back! Sounds like quite an eventful day. Also thankful her injury wasn't too bad.

  9. Poor Beans!

    Actually, I'm amazed that you were in and out of emergency so quickly. Maybe bleeding from the head is a magic ticket ;D

    Hope she's feeling better,


  10. Sonja, CEE is great, but don't tell too many people, or it'll get really busy ;o). I'm usually in and out for my migraine shot, and sometimes the doctor doesn't even see me. Maybe it's because I'm kinda a regular and it's not narcotics that I need.

    The lemon raspberry is new. I thought that maybe the caramel crunch one was gone already, but it was sitting right beside the lemon raspberry :o). Yum!

    Julie, our neigbouring small town emerg. is usually quick, but if you go to the one in the city you can expect to wait for quite some time. I dread the day the powers that be win and close down our small town emerg. I sure hope I've outgrown my migraines by then and that my kiddos are past the freak accident stage :o).

  11. Emergency Room visits...yikes ! Around here, you walk in the door and there is a sign that tells you to expect at least a four hour wait...they are not lying.

    So thankful it only took two staples and an hour.

  12. Big (((HUGS))) for her! An hour ... wow! I hear nothing but horror stories of the emergency rooms here (adults and children waiting for sometimes 8 hours or more to be seen).


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