Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Will Trade

I was thinking the other day about what a poor housekeeper I am. Really, I am! Here's the reality of it. I haven't cleaned our upstairs bathroom since before Christmas. Okay, I've run the toilet brush through the toilet a few times, but otherwise, I have not touched it. The main floor bathroom is a little better because, well, people actually do come over on occasion, and I don't want them to think I'm a slob!! Hehehe! Vacuuming happens a little more frequently because we've decided to become crazy and welcome a big, black, constantly shedding hound into our home. I can't get over the fur that invades every nook and cranny of our home! The kitchen on any given day can look like this:

This isn't even that bad! It's usually worse!

On the other hand, I love Mondays! Monday is laundry day. I can do six loads of laundry (meaning washed, dried, and folded) in one day. It's a longer day than when I had my old machine, but I can still do it. I adore doing laundry! I like seeing a process through from start to finish.

Unlike housework, laundry can be done from start to finish -- and even so, if you don't quite get it done, it can be hidden in the hamper until the next time. Housework on the other hand is totally thankless. I detest it! I don't think I've ever had a room clean for more than thirty seconds. Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist, maybe I should get better at delegating, but regardless, I no sooner get a room clean and move on to the next one than someone is dirtying up the room I just cleaned! Argh!! (Don't even get me started on the mud room! I'm going to repaint it soon. The colour of Ontario mud)! :oD

So, I was thinking... Would anyone like to clean my house regularly for me?? I will happily do their laundry! I even know how to and will iron! Just asking!

May you all live in a cleaner house than I!



  1. I would TOTALLY & ABSOLUTELY do that with you!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness, I so wish I could find someone to do that trade with me :) I love cleaning other people's houses and restoring them to order and cleanliness. It makes me happy. I used to clean houses for money when I was in college. I can not, however, keep up with my laundry. It is my least favorite household task, feels overwhelming to me. I can get it done, but then it sits in piles, unfolded and un-put-away. Part of our deal would be you putting it back in my drawers too, LOL! Trading chores is a fun idea :)
    Here's another idea for you, off topic. Find someone to trade meals with. Make a recipe in bulk/double it. Give half to a friend and they do the same for you. Instantly you both have two meals with only one night of prep. :) I've started doing that with a friend. Have a good day!

  2. Please I do not mind laundry but i hate to put it away and i hate to iron it. So I will clean you kitchen and bathrooms in a trade for those things :O) I love to clean in the kitchen and bathroom. It smells so good :O) I know, I am a freak!

  3. Oh Deborah,

    I've only seen pictures, but your house never looks dirty to me. Sometimes a happy, lived-in clutter, but not dirty.

    And hey... whaddaya have all those great kids for? ;D


  4. Do my laundry for me and put it away (I have stuff from a month ago still in baskets) and I will be on my hands and knees cleaning your bathroom daily for the next 10years. Of course, I haven't cleaned my bathroom since before Christmas either (yeah, I did the toilet, but the rest of it? Not so much)...

  5. I hate housecleaning, too, but like laundry duties. Maybe it's that start to finish process as you mentioned. Now, though, I'm not allowed to houseclean or do laundry because of my surgery. I'm trying to enjoy the break from duites, but I see things that need done! Oh, well, for now, they will stay as is!

  6. I hear you on detesting cleaning the house! I never would have thought our basenji mix would shed like he does, but he's worse than the aussie. I vacuum and fur magically reappears everywhere! The bathrooms are my real nightmare though, especially since I'm the only female in the house.....

  7. Ha very funny I would love to know if anyone trades with you lol!! ~Love Heather

  8. Deborah,
    I have to agree with Julie...much better a home where there is love, conversation, a bit of clutter to know someone has been there, than a spotless house where there is no room for messes. Life is messy. It's OK.
    A great,light hearted post for this dreary winter Tuesday!

  9. I'd love to trade. For some strange reason I love cleaning but I hate laundry!!!!! I won't buy anything that needs to be ironed. The commute may pose a bit of a problem though!

  10. When we had four kids at home the laundry was completely overwhelming. Keeping the house clean was very hard, too. I read so many books about de-cluttering and organizing and achieving routine. Argh! Now it's quieter and easier and I'm glad I tried so hard to serve my family.

  11. Hi, so nice to meet you here in blogland! This post of yours reminds me of one I wrote a couple weeks back on what I titled "Time". Housework is not my fondest of things to keep up with... but it must be done nevertheless :o) I read that your family is in the process of adopting, how exciting! Adoption has been on mine and my hubby's heart for sometime- (a long sometime), but we also know that it is something we've not had "go" within our hearts to pursue at this moment~ kinda weird to put into words,,, but we do believe the 'timing' in what ever the will of our Heavenly Father has in store for us shall be perfect! I would like to tag along at your blogsite and read about updates on the process, and also to pray for you while on journey of enlarging your family.
    Blessings, Deanna

  12. I'm curious as to whether any of these trades are actually feasible...if anyone lives near enough?
    The picture of your kitchen looks much tidier than mine. I love doing laundry, too.
    My husband and I both seem to be getting more slovenly now that we are just the two of us. Having a houseful of children required more regimentation, and it provided several more hands to do occasional quick clean-ups!

  13. Aren't you glad that God made us different with our own strengths and weaknesses!?! We're all in the same boat with having the honor to nuture our families through serving them in housecleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. (even when it seems like a never-ending task). May your husband and children rise up and call you blessed!

  14. I am right there with you....almost. For starters, I am crazy too...I've allowed the yellow lab to come in. Vacuum every day, every other minimum. It helps keep the toys off the floor. Laundry..do a really good job and then by the end of the day the pile that somehow didn't get folded from our bed gets shoved back into a laundry basket. And so it goes....bathrooms are the worst. I won't even discuss. Needless to say, I better get going!


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