Monday, January 17, 2011

Mulititude Monday

holy experience

  • gentle snow falling almost everyday
  • Sunshine-y mornings
  • skating outdoors at night
  • long Sunday afternoon walks
  • kind and encouraging emails from special blogging friends
  • no more chocolate in the house (yes, it is a good thing)
  • exercising again
  • irons and ironing boards (can you imagine heating a heavy lead iron over the woodstove?)
  • children who share their fears
  • a teenager who loves to argue. It means he's still talking
  • comfortable running shoes (finally!)
  • awesome finds at the thrift store half off day. (I've already started my Christmas shopping :O))
  • solitude
  • grocery dates with hubby
  • a family who is not picky at all about what I put on the table
  • a music teacher who encourages our girls to stick it out
  • safety for a boy who thinks we'll assume he's at school waiting to be picked up
  • grade five GEMS sweetness. They are all so unique and so fun!
  • beginning to gather ideas for our kitchen reno. (Let's just say I know what I don't want)
  • warm, comfy, albeit ugly winter boots
  • a gift of some amazing photos of our girls looking at our package we sent them. Thank you Renee for emailing us them!
  • an impromptu family movie night in the middle of the week due to yet another snow day.
  • some small household projects completed by the Engineer.
  • a Friday lunch date with the Engineer at our favorite local small town cafe.
  • relaxed post church coffee time at Mom and Dad's
  • the beach even in winter. It's so beautiful!
  • snow squeaking under my boots. It's bitterly cold and sunny today.
  • books that rivet me, strengthen my faith, and make me cry
  • Proverbs. There is such wisdom there!
  • Looking forward to several different coffee dates with friends. Can't wait to catch up on life!
  • the hissing of the washer as it gets our clothes clean for another week.
  • the clunk of the dryer as it means I don't need to freeze dry our clothes.
  •  making lists oh how I love lists
  •  healthy, sleepy, sneaky puppies
  •  down time to pursue creative interests
Thanking God for blessings 931-965!
    Wishing you all a week of small (and large) blessings! If you would like to become part of the gratitude community, go here! We'd all love to have you join!



      1. Happy gratitude-filled Monday, Deborah! Hope you have a great week!

      2. Wow, Deborah... you have almost made it to 1,000, too!
        So...I can hardly even imagine what an iron and ironing board even looks like...much less one over a wood stove! And your teen who argues and now you know he still talks to you...very nice!
        I don't know if no chocolate would be such a gift...hehehe
        love your list!
        And may I just say love your family picture looking out over the frozen water!!

      3. I so know what you mean about talking and arguing teens. I can't imagine snow every day. Blessings from Texas, Leslei

      4. Wait a minute... did I miss something?

        Puppies? in the plural?

        Is that a general statement, or did you get more?!

      5. We both have sooooo much to be thankful for!!! Especially our children who are waiting for us in the Philippines. We'll be meeting them very soon!!

      6. What a great list! Hoping your quickly climbing out of the winter blahs with your grateful heart :-)

      7. As always, great list! You are almost there! YEAH!


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